11kW AC Charging Pile

The 11kW wall-mounted/column-mounted intelligent AC charging pile is primarily suitable for parking lots in private villas, residential communities, commercial office buildings, urban complexes, and public charging stations. It is designed for situations that require slow charging over a longer period of time. Additionally, it can be used in scenarios such as new energy vehicle 4S dealerships, workshop debugging areas, and road rescue for new energy vehicles, where frequent changes in charging locations or temporary supplementary charging are needed.
  • Output Power11kW
  • Protection LevelIP54
  • Product Dimensions378*258*165
  • Input VoltageAC380V±15%


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    Product Features:

    1. Stylish and minimalist appearance, compact size, waterproof design, suitable for installation in various environments, and convenient installation.
    2. Easy operation: Start charging directly by swiping the card or scanning the QR code with a mobile phone.
    3. Charging modes: Automatic charging, fixed quantity charging, fixed time charging, and pricing charging.
    4. Operation management: Local self-settlement operation.
    5. Backend interfaces: CAN interface, GPRS/3G/4G wireless interface.
    6. Payment methods: Mobile app payment, card payment.

    Functional Features:

    1. Provides wall-mounted/column-mounted installation options.
    2. Uses AC380V AC input.
    3. The main control board adopts a microcontroller with an embedded operating system. Charging modes include GPRS networking method.
    4. Equipped with a 4.3-inch color screen/touchscreen display to set charging modes. The main control board's backend program performs user identification, record keeping, and charging fee calculation.
    5. Incoming switch equipped with leakage protection function and emergency stop button. Exterior structure incorporates ABS plastic components.

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