3 axle gooseneck long lock fence semi trailer

The 3 axle gooseneck long lock fence semi trailer is a versatile and reliable semi-trailer with a three-axle support structure and gooseneck design. It is capable of handling heavy loads, ensuring stability, and suitable for transporting various types of goods.
  • Curb weight (kg):8000
  • Loading capacity (kg):40000
  • Number of axles:3
  • Wheelbase(mm):4500


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    Functional Features

    • High load capacity: With its three-axle support structure, the 3 axle gooseneck long lock fence semi trailer has a high load carrying capacity. It can transport large quantities of goods, including heavy equipment, construction materials, and agricultural products, meeting various transportation needs.
    • Strong stability: The gooseneck design of this semi trailer provides excellent stability, ensuring smooth transportation of goods. Whether on highways or rough terrains, it maintains stability, reducing the risk of cargo turbulence and damage.
    • Flexibility and versatility: The 3 axle gooseneck long lock fence semi trailer offers multiple configurations and customization options to meet different transportation requirements. For example, the cargo compartment can be customized according to the size and shape of the goods, facilitating loading and unloading. Additionally, additional equipment can be installed based on customer needs to enhance transportation efficiency.
    • Safety and reliability: Equipped with high-quality braking and suspension systems, this semi trailer ensures reliable braking performance and a smooth driving experience. It is also equipped with safety features such as reflective markings and safety guardrails to ensure safety during transportation.
    • Long lifespan and easy maintenance: Constructed with premium materials and a well-designed structure, the 3 axle gooseneck long lock fence semi trailer has a long service life. Its components are easy to maintain and replace, reducing maintenance costs and time.

    Application scope

    • Construction material transportation: This semi trailer is suitable for transporting various construction materials such as bricks, cement, steel, and timber. It provides a stable transportation platform to ensure the safety of the construction materials during transportation.
    • Heavy equipment transportation: Due to its high load capacity and stability, the 3 axle gooseneck long lock fence semi trailer is well-suited for transporting heavy equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, and rollers. It can safely and efficiently transport these large pieces of equipment to their destinations.
    • Agricultural product transportation: Agricultural products such as grains, vegetables, and fruits often require transportation that maintains their freshness and integrity. The 3 axle gooseneck long lock fence semi trailer provides a stable transportation platform and flexible loading and unloading options, enabling effective transportation of agricultural products.
    • Industrial product transportation: Various industrial products, including machinery parts, electronic equipment, and chemical products, can be transported using this semi trailer. Its flexibility and versatility make it convenient for transporting industrial products of different sizes, shapes, and weights.
    • Transportation of other goods: In addition to the above applications, the 3 axle gooseneck long lock fence semi trailer is also suitable for transporting other types of goods such as furniture, daily necessities, and textile products. Whether for long-distance transportation or urban logistics, it provides a reliable transportation solution.

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