3.5/7kW AC Charging Pile

The 3.5/7kW AC Charging Pile suitable for providing AC 50Hz power with a rated voltage of 220V to electric vehicles equipped with onboard chargers.
  • Output Power7kW
  • Protection LevelIP55
  • Product Dimensions1430*350*218
  • Input VoltageAC220V±20%


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    It is primarily used in the following locations:

    1. Large, medium, and small-scale electric vehicle charging stations.
    2. High-speed service areas, transportation hubs such as train stations and docks.
    3. Various public places with electric vehicle parking spaces, including residential communities, shopping malls, and electricity business premises.


    1. AC220V AC input.
    2. Three installation methods: pillar-mounted, wall-mounted, and vertical installation options.
    3. Exterior structure made of sheet metal and some ABS plastic components.
    4. Incoming switch equipped with leakage protection function and emergency stop button.
    5. Electricity metering performed using single-phase electronic energy meters that communicate with the main control board via RS-485 interface.
    6. Equipped with a 4.3-inch 480x272 resolution color touchscreen display for operation through touch buttons and charging mode settings.
    7. Utilizes contactless smart card reader to read relevant information from IC cards. Communication with the main control board is established via RS-485 interface, enabling user identification, record keeping, and charging fee calculation through the main control board's backend program.
    8. The main control board employs a microcontroller with an embedded operating system. Charging modes include automatic full charge, timed charging, fixed amount charging, and fixed quantity charging. An optional RS-485 network communication interface can be provided along with the choice of GPRS networking method.

    Operating Environment

    1. Installation with vertical inclination ≤5%.
    2. Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa to 110kPa.
    3. Average monthly relative humidity ≤90% (25°C) without condensation on the surface.
    4. Ambient air temperature during operation: -25°C to 50°C, 24-hour average temperature ≤35°C.
    5. Harshness level of vibrations and shocks in the operating environment ≤ Grade I; induction intensity of external magnetic field in any direction ≤ 1.5mT.
    6. The operating environment should not contain explosive substances, corrosive metals, insulation-damaging harmful gases, or conductive media. It should also be free from excessive water vapor and severe mold presence.
    7. The installation site should avoid direct sunlight. For outdoor installations, it is recommended to provide sunshade facilities for the charging station.

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