Adult electric bicycle

This electric bicycle adopts automotive-grade lithium-ion batteries with a charging and discharging cycle life of up to 2200 times. The battery cells have double the thickness compared to regular cells, enabling normal discharge in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. It incorporates an air suspension and shock absorption system, minimizing vibrations, and features a waterproof and frequency-changing motor to prevent water damage.
  • Range60KM
  • Battery capacity30AH
  • CHARGE(10-90%)6H


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    1. Dimensions: Overall height of 100 cm, overall width of 63 cm, overall length of 165 cm.
    2. Brake types include EBS power-off braking and front and rear brakes. It has a maximum load capacity of 200 kg and is equipped with puncture-resistant vacuum tires for both front and rear wheels. The bike can accommodate two riders and is equipped with high-speed motor.
    3. To provide convenience for riders in various road conditions, this vehicle offers three riding modes that can be easily switched: human-powered fitness mode, pedal-assist electric mode, and pure electric mode. These modes enable long-distance rides while increasing the vehicle's speed.

    Highlighted Features

    1. Automotive-grade X-level Lithium Battery
      Utilizing advanced automotive-grade battery cells, it provides high energy utilization, allowing for a week of commuting range on a single charge. It incorporates a built-in BMS for real-time monitoring of individual battery units, ensuring safety and durability. The design includes an integrated and detachable battery that is both waterproof and theft-proof, allowing for convenient charging at home or directly on the vehicle.
    2. Six-fold Shock Absorption Design
      The bike utilizes a six-fold shock absorption system, minimizing vibrations even when encountering potholes, off-road paths, and gravel roads, ensuring a smooth ride experience.
    3. Aerospace-grade Aluminum Alloy 6061 Craftsmanship
      The frame is constructed with rust-resistant and fracture-resistant 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, treated with T4T6 heat treatment and anodized to enhance anti-rust capabilities.
    4. Safety and Comfort
      In terms of safety and comfort, the vehicle features front drum brakes and rear expanding brakes, as well as an EABS power-off system that automatically cuts off power during braking, effectively reducing braking distance. It is also equipped with multiple shock absorption systems, including front and rear hydraulic spring suspension and seat mechanical suspension, effectively filtering vibrations even on uneven gravel roads.

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