ArcFox Kaola

ArcFox Kaola is equipped with a CATL lithium iron phosphate battery, making it the world's first intelligent family car. It has a pure electric range of 500km and a maximum horsepower of 163Ps, maximum power of 120kW, and maximum torque of 240N·m, positioning it as a compact MPV.
  • Range 500km
  • Power (peak) 120kW
  • Battery capacity 58.8kWh
  • Vehicle type MPV
  • Charging time (10-80%) 0.43hours


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    • The dimensions of the ArcFox Kaola are 4500mm in length, 1870mm in width, and 1655mm in height. It has a wheelbase of 2820mm, and the front and rear track widths are 1597mm and 1600mm respectively. The vehicle can accommodate 5 people.
    • The layout of the ArcFox Kaola's center console is spacious, with the instrument panel abandoning the traditional cover. Through careful anti-glare and anti-reflection treatment, the overall UI interface design is simple and clear, with all driving information easily visible. The passenger area cleverly features multiple storage compartments, greatly improving the utilization of interior space.
    • The ArcFox Kaola is equipped with the latest Honda SENSING intelligent safety and active defense system, inheriting ArcFox's all-around protection characteristics. The vehicle is equipped with 3 high-precision millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, 1 intelligent forward-facing camera module, and 4 high-definition cameras with 1 million pixels each. This allows for complete control of the entire driving environment, creating a solid safety barrier for users.

    Highlighted Features

    • An ideal assistant for healthy family travel
      The ArcFox Kaola is designed as an intelligent family car, considering the "family travel" scenario from the beginning. It leaves the interior space to the rear seats, providing a more comfortable riding experience for babies and mothers. Its short front and rear overhang design ensures interior space and makes it easier for mothers to drive, reducing the risk of using the car.
    • Providing an absolutely safe riding environment
      The ArcFox Kaola is equipped with a fully electric child safety seat. This seat is built to meet the safety protection standard under an 80km/h working condition, with a 156% increase in structural strength. The side air curtain is specially designed for the position of the child's head, with a 12% increase in volume and a pressure retention time of 6 seconds, reducing the probability of secondary injury.
    • Intelligent driving meets daily need
      sThe ArcFox Kaola is equipped with 18 intelligent driving functions, capable of achieving a complete L2 level of intelligent driving functionality, covering most daily driving scenarios.


    What is the interior space layout of the ArcFox Kaola?

    The ArcFox Kaola adopts a 2+2 seating layout mode, with the rear seats able to fold up proportionally, instantly creating a private and flexible seating space. Users can fold down only half of the backrest to accommodate large items, while creating ample storage space for the trunk. In addition, by tilting the front seats and flattening them with the rear seats, it can easily accommodate folded strollers and other large objects.

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