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This electric bicycle utilizes long-lasting and energy-efficient ternary lithium battery cells, which are waterproof, theft-proof, and detachable for charging. It features a high-strength integrated frame that creates a golden body ratio. Equipped with vacuum tires, a high-speed motor, dual suspension, and a remote alarm system, it provides better protection for the vehicle's safety.
  • Range60-80KM
  • Battery capacity30AH
  • CHARGE(10-90%)6H


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    1. Dimensions: Length 150 cm, Width 75 cm, Height 100 cm. With handlebars and rearview mirrors, the height is 110-120 cm. The seat height is 75 cm, and the front pedal measures 45 cm in length and 25 cm in width. It can accommodate up to three people.
    2. There are two battery types to choose from: lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. The lithium-ion battery is of automotive-grade A quality, providing longer endurance and durability, with a range of 200 kilometers. The bike is equipped with a new national standard high-power motor, and the charging time required is 6-8 hours.
    3. The braking system consists of front and rear drum brakes with electronic assistance. It has a rapid response time of 0.1 seconds, with a dry road braking distance of ≤4.5 m and a wet road braking distance of ≤6 m. The tire size is 14 inches, featuring puncture-resistant and durable properties. It has an built-in anti-puncture protection layer, offering effective shock absorption without air leakage, suitable for various road conditions.

    Highlighted Features

    1. High-Efficiency Brushless Motor
      Equipped with a +FOC intelligent vector controller and independently developed climbing motor, the bike has low energy consumption, high speed, and smooth operation without resistance. It overcomes the issues of lack of power when carrying passengers and insufficient power on uphill slopes. With a 20% climbing capability and a high peak hall brushless motor, it provides stable acceleration during startup.
    2. 6-fold Suspension Hydraulic Shock Absorption
      The bike features a 6-fold suspension hydraulic shock absorption system, with 4 shock absorbers installed on the front and rear of the vehicle. It ensures smooth passage over speed bumps and potholes, providing strong shock absorption to protect the body from impact.
    3. Automotive-Grade Tires
      Utilizing specialized automotive-grade lithium vacuum tires, the inner tube has been removed to increase elasticity, resulting in improved shock absorption on complex road sections. The outer tire is made with four layers of puncture-resistant material for enhanced thickness, making it resistant to sharp objects and less prone to punctures.

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