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This electric tricycle provides a smooth start and is equipped with an AI intelligent chip for safer intelligent speed regulation. It features a constant controller for smooth and comfortable operation, enhancing safety. With a 500W dual-drive motor, it can be used for both cargo and passengers, capable of carrying multiple people.
  • Range60-80KM
  • Battery capacity45AH
  • CHARGE(10-90%)6H


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    1. The overall length of the vehicle is 245 cm, with handlebar height at 105 cm, and a ground-to-bed distance of 35 cm. The bed has dimensions of 110 cm in length, 86 cm in width, and 62 cm in height, with internal dimensions of 60 cm.
    2. The braking system consists of parking brakes and foot brakes, designed with dual brakes for effortless and safer braking. The parking brake latch prevents slipping on slopes, making uphill climbs easier.
    3. The 500W frequency-converted motor offers strong stability and high power output. With brushless technology, it provides a large torque and powerful climbing ability.

    Highlighted Features

    1. Puncture-resistant Tires
      The all-terrain tires are suitable for various surfaces and are less likely to slip when encountering bumps, grooves, or uneven seams. The new tread pattern improves skid resistance on rainy or snowy roads. The tires are made of imported rubber that is thickened overall, making them difficult to puncture with sharp objects.
    2. Battery Performance
      Using long-life and energy-efficient automotive lithium batteries, it enables a one-week charge cycle. The built-in battery design is waterproof, theft-proof, and removable for charging. It can be easily detached and brought home for charging or charged directly on the vehicle body.
    3. Automotive Energy Recovery System
      Equipped with an energy recovery system applied in automobiles, this system converts part of the kinetic energy into electrical energy for storage and reuse by pressing the brake or releasing the throttle, effectively increasing the range.
    4. Multi-link Suspension System
      With a 2:2 design, the quadruple suspension system utilizes air suspension at the front and 100-pound hidden shock absorbers to greatly reduce hard impacts from front and rear bumps, enhancing the vehicle's lifespan. The rear is equipped with 300-pound dual springs for better comfort, working in conjunction with the lightweight frame.

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