The BYD Han DM-i achieves a zero to 100 km/h acceleration in just 7.9 seconds, with a maximum power output of 102 kW and maximum torque of 231 N·m. It belongs to the mid-large sedan.
  • Pure electric Range170-200Km
  • Engine1.5L
  • Engine Power102KW
  • Engine Torque231N
  • TypePHEV


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    1. The BYD Han DM-i has dimensions of 4975mm (length) x 1910mm (width) x 1495mm (height), with a wheelbase of 2920mm and a front/rear track of 1640mm. It can accommodate up to 5 people.
    2. The BYD Han DM-i is equipped with the Xiaoyun Plug-in Hybrid Turbocharged 1.5Ti engine, delivering a maximum power of 102 kW and maximum horsepower of 218ps.
    3. The BYD Han DM-i utilizes a Super Hybrid-specific power-type blade battery with a capacity of 37.5 kWh. It offers a maximum NEDC electric range of 200 kilometers and a WLTC electric range of 170 kilometers. Fast charging is supported, enabling a 0-80% charge in just 30 minutes.

    Highlighted Features

    1. DiPilot Intelligent Safety Assist
      The BYD Han DM-i is equipped with up to 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 high-precision millimeter-wave radars, 4 intelligent driving surround view cameras, and 1 intelligent driving highly-perceptive camera. It features various safety systems, including ACC-S&G full-speed adaptive cruise control, EBA emergency braking assist system, TJA traffic congestion assist system, and BSD blind spot detection system.
    2. Powertrain Configuration
      The BYD Han DM-i is equipped with the DM-i plug-in hybrid powertrain system, consisting of an efficient Xiaoyun 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power output of 102 horsepower and a single motor with a maximum power output of 160 horsepower. Additionally, it features a dedicated power-type blade battery for super hybrid applications, offering a maximum combined range of up to 1300 kilometers.
    3. Distinctive Interior Design
      The interior of the Han retains the family-style design while incorporating innovative elements and Chinese cultural elements, creating a unique sense of Chinese luxury and charm. The visual effect is mature and stable. Furthermore, the embracing cabin design and symmetrical H-shaped center console layout create an eco-friendly atmosphere inside the vehicle.


    Level Full-Size Car
    Energy Type PHEV
    Sale Time 2023-05-18
    Manufacturer BYD
    Cltc Range [Km]
    Country Of Origin China
    Body Structure 4-Door 5-Seat Sedan
    Curb Weight [Kg] 2200
    Length*Width*Height [Mm] 4975*1910*1495
    Wheelbase [Mm] 2920
    Front Tire Specification 245/45 R19
    Rear Tire Specification 245/45 R19
    Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous
    Motor Max Power (Kw) 160
    Motor Total Torque [N·M] 675
    Battery Capacity [Kwh] 36.01
    Official 0-100Km/H Acceleration [s] 3.7
    Drive Form Front Four-Wheel Drive


    Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
    Battery Brand FinDreams Technology
    DC Charging Time [Min] 28
    AC Charge Time[H] 5.14
    Power Consumption[Kwh/100Km]


    Displacement 1.5T
    Max Power (Kw) 102
    Max Torque (Nm) 231
    Max Horsepower (Ps) 139



    What about the safety performance of the BYD Han DM-i?

    The BYD Han DM-i features 41 hot-formed steel parts throughout the vehicle and comes standard with 11 safety airbags. It is equipped with a dedicated power-type blade battery for super hybrid applications, ensuring both efficient performance and battery safety.

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