BYD Left Rearview Mirror Cover

This product is suitable for various models of the BYD brand. Please contact us online for specific styles and colors.
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    Crafted from premium ABS material with a sleek Imitation Carbon Fiber finish, these mirror covers are not only lightweight but also capable of withstanding minor collisions without deformations. They are highly resistant to scratches and can endure high temperatures, ensuring they won't easily fade over time.

    The mirror covers are precisely curved and sized to fit your car seamlessly, leaving no gaps after installation. This perfect fit effectively prevents water and dust from entering, providing excellent waterproof and dustproof protection.

    These covers effectively safeguard your car's rearview mirrors from stains and scratches, preserving their pristine appearance. They do not obstruct your field of view and maintain the original size of the mirrors, ensuring optimal visibility.


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