Changan Hunter

The Changan Hunter is equipped with a Blue Whale 2.0T engine and an R100G generator. It has a maximum battery capacity of 31.18, maximum horsepower of 272ps, maximum power of 200kw, maximum torque of 470N·m, and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 7.9 seconds. It is positioned as a medium-sized pickup truck.
  • Pure electric range 133km
  • Engine 2.0T
  • Engine power 200KW
  • Engine torque 470N·m
  • Type Truck


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    1. The Changan Hunter has dimensions of 5630mm in length, 1930mm in width, and 1885mm in height. The front and rear track widths are 1610mm and 1630mm, respectively. The vehicle can accommodate 5 people.
    2. The Changan Hunter can run purely on electric power until the battery reaches a minimum of 8%. The range extender will then start charging, allowing the vehicle to run on pure electric power for approximately 15 kilometers.
    3. The Changan Hunter adopts the industry's first and leading efficient coaxial electric drive axle, integrating the motor, reducer, and axle tube design into one unit. With a lightweight all-aluminum shell design and optimized high-speed bearings, it can meet higher load requirements and improve the efficiency of the motor controller to 94%.
    4. The Changan Hunter has developed the industry's first "one-key force injection" feature, which efficiently supplements power during long-distance uphill climbs with a load of nearly 1 ton and an altitude difference of over 2000 meters. This ensures that the vehicle has abundant power output in fully loaded conditions, such as climbing long slopes and high-speed driving.

    Highlighted Features

    1. Low fuel consumption, reducing costs
      The Changan Hunter can meet over 90% of pure electric commuting needs, resulting in an annual saving of approximately $2000 compared to diesel pickup trucks. It not only saves fuel and is more environmentally friendly but also solves the problems of "exhaust pipe blockage, increased fuel consumption, and decreased climbing power" that diesel pickup truck users often face.
    2. Efficient engine, reducing energy consumption
      The Changan Hunter adopts the Power Domain Vehicle Controller technology, which combines engine control with vehicle control to work efficiently. It intelligently selects the optimal efficiency points for front and rear drive, achieving fine control of power in specific scenarios and greatly reducing the energy consumption of the entire vehicle system.
    3. Ensuring driving safety
      The Changan Hunter uses a new type of military standard insulation material on the battery, which improves insulation performance by 30% compared to the industry standard. It can withstand temperatures over 200℃ higher than conventional materials and has a cage-like safety battery anti-collision structure. It is also equipped with practical high-tech features such as dynamic instrument display and driver assistance. The 540° transparent chassis assists the driver in identifying obstacles on the road.



    How is the comfort of the Changan Hunter?

    The front seats of the Changan Hunter are ergonomically designed, providing excellent support and comfort, and can be adjusted in 6 directions. The overall filling of the rear seats is also excellent.

    Can the Changan Hunter go off-road?

    The Changan Hunter is equipped with a front axle lock, rear axle lock, and central energy lock, which can efficiently limit the slip of the wheels and distribute torque output to each wheel in real-time. With precise control of the electronic four-wheel drive torque distribution, even beginners can easily go off-road.

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