Changan NEVO A05

The Changan NEVO A05 is a compact car that features a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a lithium iron phosphate battery. It has a acceleration time of 6.8 seconds per 100 kilometers, a maximum speed of 185 km/h, a maximum horsepower of 110 PS, and a peak torque of 330N·m.
  • Pure electric Range 145Km
  • Engine 1.5L
  • Engine Power 81KW
  • Engine Torque 330N·m
  • Type PHEV


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    1. Changan NEVO A05 has a body length, width and height of 4785mm1840mm1460mm, a wheelbase of 2765mm, and a front and rear track of 1570mm and 1580mm respectively. The perfect aspect ratio is 0.79, and its elegant posture is comparable to that of a luxury coupe.
    2. Changan NEVO A05's high-end wood grain interior brings a higher level of quality experience, and the technologically textured seams and perforated designs are exquisite and visible to the naked eye. Using a healthy fresh air purification system, the air in the car is always as fresh and healthy as the forest.
    3. Changan NEVO A05 has a built-in 18.99v battery pack and a 48l fuel tank, which is equivalent to a reserve of more than 160 kilowatt hours of electricity, and a 3.3kw external discharge private mobile power supply, which can be used without worry.

    Highlighted Features

    1. Intelligent energy, efficient management
      Self-developed A-ECMS smart energy consumption optimization algorithm, the first integrated oil temperature constant temperature system, fast temperature rise, accurate temperature control, high efficiency; integrates all-terrain driving adaptive, infinite sliding energy recovery and navigation-based dynamic energy management , energy-saving and easy.
    2. Smart car control, all under control
      The function integrates smart car search with mobile phone, allowing you to control the location of your car anytime and anywhere. You can control the vehicle process through Bluetooth on your mobile phone, and supports remote sharing, making travel more convenient.
    3. Smart voice, zero-touch interaction
      Equipped with the AI intelligent voice system, the voice recognition rate is as high as 95%. Together with the sound source positioning, it can understand and listen quickly. It can realize the rapid execution of multiple commands without waking up, bringing a mechanical voice intelligent control experience.



    Is the interior space of Changan NEVO A05 large?

    The 2765mm ultra-long wheelbase allows each occupant to lie flat freely. There are 24 storage spaces in the entire vehicle, which can meet the storage needs of different types of items in multiple scenarios, making travel storage more convenient and secure.

    Are the seats of Changan NEVO A05 comfortable?

    The high-style zero-pressure sofa seat fully fits the curves of the human body from the hips to the waist to the shoulders, giving it a wrapping feel and a better fit.

    How about the adaptive cruise system of Changan NEVO A05?

    The IACC integrated adaptive cruise system can help you control speed and direction, automatically accelerate and decelerate in a fixed lane, follow a car with a car, set the speed without a car, and achieve advanced intelligent driving.

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