Changan NEVO Q05

Changan NEVO Q05 is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum torque of 330N.m and a maximum speed of 180km/h. It is matched with a ternary lithium battery and is positioned as a compact SUV.
  • Pure electric Range 125Km
  • Engine 1.5L
  • Engine Power 81KW
  • Engine Torque 330N·m
  • Type PHEV


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    1. Changan NEVO Q05 has a body length, width and height of 4539mm* 1865mm* 1680mm, and a wheelbase of 2656mm. The front and rear wheelbase is 1600mm, and the vehicle can carry 5 people.
    2. Changan NEVO Q05 is equipped with a smart cockpit. The APP can be used to turn on air conditioning, seat heating and other functions with one click. The car can purchase movie tickets, attraction tickets, hotel phone calls, etc., allowing you to travel freely and efficiently.
    3. Changan NEVO Q05 front door 3.96mm laminated soundproof glass uses 26 types of soundproof materials to effectively isolate road noise, wind noise and engine noise, creating a comfortable and quiet space.

    Highlighted Features

    1. Real battery life saves money
      Changan NEVO Q05 is equipped with a high-performance digital AI electric drive with a motor efficiency as high as 97.8%. It has a self-developed A-ECMS smart energy consumption algorithm and original stepless sliding energy recovery, saving fuel and electricity in all scenarios.
    2. True wisdom and true security
      Changan NEVO Q05 adopts 540° high-definition panoramic images, one-click tracking and reversing, high-strength and solid body, IP67-level high-strength protective battery, and 6 airbags with 0.03-second response to maximize all-round driving safety.
    3. So comfortable and convenient
      Changan NEVO Q05 is equipped with IACC integrated adaptive cruise to realize intelligent assisted driving, making it more worry-free at high speeds and less tiring for long distances. The 3.3kw external discharge function can quickly replenish energy within 30 minutes, and has thoughtful functions such as smart power protection, scheduled battery charging, and scheduled battery heating. It can be used for family camping and outdoor barbecues.



    What is the actual battery life of Changan NEVO Q05?

    CLTC has a pure electric range of 125km, which is equivalent to WLTC's comprehensive fuel consumption of only 1.33L per 100 kilometers, and costs less than 10 cents per kilometer. It does not require fuel for a week's commuting. The key is that it also supports fast charging.

    How is the driving stability of Changan NEVO Q05?

    The chassis adopts front MacPherson strut and rear multi-link four-wheel independent suspension, which is professionally adjusted for a variety of road conditions. It is stable at high speeds and has precise cornering steering. Smooth without bumps, providing the best comfortable driving experience in all road conditions.

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