Chery Omoda

Chery Omoda is equipped with a 1.5T engine, which is matched with a 9 -speed CVT gearbox. WLTC fuel consumption is 7.3L per 100 kilometers. The maximum horsepower is 156PS, the maximum power is 115kW, the maximum torque is 230N · m, and the positioning is a compact SUV.
  • Engine 1.5L
  • Engine Power 115kW
  • Engine Torque 230N·m
  • Vehicle Type SUV


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    • Chery Omoda's body length, width, height is 4400mm1830mm1588mm, the wheelbase is 2630mm, the front and rear wheel distances are 1550mm, and the vehicle can carry 5 people.
    • CHERY Omoda is characterized by fashion, technology, and dynamics. It adopts a borderless front face design. With the diamond matrix grille and split LED headlights, the visual width of the front of the car is stretched, which enhances the sense of avant -garde and movement.
    • Chery Omoda adopts a dual -screen design. The center console is equipped with a 24.6 -inch world of nebula and the surround screen, which integrates the functions of dashboard, navigation, entertainment, etc., to achieve a comprehensive and intelligent interactive experience.

    Highlighted Features

    • Configure advanced
      Chery Omoda is equipped with Chery's latest "Lion 5.0 AI Technology Smart Board", which has AI emotional monitoring and adjustment systems, 24.6 -inch world cloud immersive surround screen+play entertainment ecology and other functions.
    • Auxiliary driving function is complete
      Chery Omoda is equipped with L2 -level high -end intelligent guard driving assistance. It has a variety of intelligent auxiliary driving functions such as full -speed ACC adaptive cruise system and AEB automatic brake system. Undaled before.
    • Performance of driving
      Because Chery Omoda is equipped with a rear multi -link independent suspension and a good chassis adjustment, it makes the driving texture more biased towards German models. The driving hand has a stable and vigorous sense of driving, providing surging driving for young people in the new era.


    How about driving comfort?

    Chery Omoda uses a mixed -matching seat of leather/fabric, with thick cushions and delicate feel. Equipped with the function of sports style seats and seat proportions, the overall ride feels soft and comfortable.

    Is it reliable in driving safety?

    Chery Omoda standards for 78%ultra -high -strength steel. When dealing with inevitable danger, it will fully protect the safety of drivers and passengers in the vehicle. It is also equipped with a three -way separate design+bilateral 4 -absorbing box design, which can fully absorb the collision energy at a critical moment to preserve the occupant from harm.

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