Deepal SL03

The Changan Deepal SL03 is based on the Changan EPA1 pure electric platform and is positioned as a mid-size electric sedan with rear-wheel drive.
  • Pure electric Range730Km
  • Engine1.5L
  • Engine Power160KW
  • Engine Torque320N
  • TypePHEV


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    1. The dimensions of the Deepal SL03 are 4820mm in length, 1890mm in width, and 1480mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2900mm. The front track is 1620mm, and the rear track is 1630mm. The car can accommodate 5 people.
    2. The Deepal SL03 has a maximum horsepower of 218Ps, with a maximum power output of 160kW and a maximum torque of 320N.m. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds.
    3. The Deepal SL03 uses lithium iron phosphate batteries with a total battery capacity of 28.39 kilowatt-hours. The system's maximum power is 160 kilowatts. The CLTC battery offers a maximum range of 705km, and the NEDC comprehensive range is up to 635km. It can be charged from 0% to 80% in just 30 minutes, with a minimum energy consumption of 12.3kWh per 100km.

    Highlighted Features

    1. Multiple Power Choices
      The Changan Deepal SL03 offers three versions: pure electric, range-extender, and hydrogen fuel cell. The hydrogen fuel cell version is China's first mass-produced hydrogen-powered sedan, with a range exceeding 700 kilometers and a hydrogen consumption as low as 0.65 kilograms per 100km. It can achieve rapid refueling in just 3 minutes. It features a rear-wheel drive permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 160kW. The pure electric and hybrid platforms share the same architecture, showcasing exceptional foresight in platform design.
    2. Three-Electric Technology
      The Changan Deepal SL03 incorporates several industry-leading technologies, utilizing the EPA1 "all-electric platform" to achieve breakthroughs in intelligence, range, and three-electric fields.
    3. Spacious and Comfortable Interior Space
      The Deepal SL03 offers a well-designed interior space, providing a spacious and comfortable cabin for passengers, ensuring a pleasant driving experience.
    4. Safety Performance
      The Deepal SL03 is equipped with advanced safety systems and driver-assistance technologies such as collision warning and automatic emergency braking, ensuring the safety of the occupants.


    Level Mid-Size Car
    Energy Type Electric
    Sale Time 2022/7/25
    Manufacturer Deepal
    Cltc Range [Km] 705
    Country Of Origin China
    Body Structure 5-Door 5-Seat HatchBack
    Curb Weight [Kg] 1870
    Length*Width*Height [Mm] 4820*1890*1480
    Wheelbase [Mm] 2900
    Front Tire Specification 245/45 R19
    Rear Tire Specification 245/45 R19
    Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous
    Motor Max Power (Kw)
    Motor Total Torque [N·M] 320
    Battery Capacity [Kwh] 79.97
    Official 0-100Km/H Acceleration [s] 6.9
    Drive Form RR


    Battery Type Ternary Lithium Battery
    Battery Brand CATL
    DC Charging Time [Min] 35
    AC Charge Time[H]
    Power Consumption[Kwh/100Km] 12.9




    How is the riding experience of the Deepal SL03?

    The seats feature luxurious configurations, with heated, ventilated, and massage functions available for the front seats. The rear seats are equipped with heating functionality and can be folded down to optimize interior storage space further.

    What engine does the Deepal SL03 have?

    The Deepal SL03 is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated Atkinson cycle engine, with a net power output of 66kW. Changan's engine adopts the Atkinson cycle, which lowers the compression ratio and tendency for knocking, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

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