Electric tricycle for adults

This electric tricycle is made of high-carbon steel and equipped with a 600W electric motor. It provides a comfortable and smooth ride, with front and rear suspension for motorcycles, electronic brakes, and one-key reverse. It offers three speed modes: high speed, medium speed, and low speed, with a colorful LED intelligent display on the dashboard for clear visibility during travel.
  • Range60-80KM
  • Battery capacity45AH
  • CHARGE(10-90%)6H


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    1. The dimensions are 150 cm in length, 66 cm in width, and 100 cm in height. With the handlebar and rearview mirror, the height is 110 cm. It comes with a child seat that is 70 cm in length, accommodating up to three people.
    2. There are three battery options: lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate, and graphene. It uses automotive-grade A lithium batteries for longer durability and extended range of 200 kilometers. The 600W motor requires 6-8 hours for full charging.
    3. The braking system consists of front and rear drum brakes, with a braking distance of ≤4.5 m on dry roads and ≤6 m on wet roads. The tire size is 12 inches, featuring puncture-resistant and durable tires. The built-in anti-puncture protection layer provides noticeable shock absorption, preventing air leakage and suitable for various road conditions.

    Highlighted Features

    1. Safe Vehicle Body
      The high-strength integrated frame ensures a golden body ratio. It adopts thickened high-carbon steel pipes with a 1:1 axle weight ratio for a solid and stable structure without any looseness. The frame has a 360-degree all-round paint finish. The 3D simulated leather high-resilience foam seat is soft, breathable, and fatigue-free, providing seating for up to three people.
    2. Long-Distance Alarm System
      When the vehicle is touched, it emits a piercing alarm sound. Even if the horn wire is cut, it does not interfere with the reception of the anti-theft device, ensuring timely notification for the owner to check the scene.
    3. Dual Charging Modes
      Using long-life and energy-efficient lithium iron phosphate batteries, it offers a built-in battery design that is waterproof, theft-proof, and removable for charging. The battery can be easily detached and brought home for charging or charged directly on the vehicle body.
    4. Quadruple Safety Brakes
      The parking brake latch, left and right power-off brake levers, handlebar brakes, and foot brakes ensure effortless and safer braking. The parking brake latch prevents slipping on slopes, making uphill climbs safer.

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