The EXEED VX is equipped with a 2.0TGDI+8AT golden power combination, 400T star nuclear power combination, with a maximum horsepower of 261Ps, maximum power of 192kW, and maximum torque of 400N·m. It is positioned as a mid-size SUV.
  • Engine2.0T
  • Engine Power192KW
  • Engine Torque400N·m
  • Vehicle TypeSUV


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    • The dimensions of the EXEED VX are 4970mm1940mm1792mm, with a wheelbase of 2900mm and front/rear track widths of 1644mm. The vehicle can accommodate 7 people.
    • The EXEED VX features the global advanced intelligent modular M3X Mars architecture 2.0, a superstructure that has evolved comprehensively. It is equipped with Michelin tires, which are quiet, durable, have low wind resistance, and provide long endurance while balancing sportiness and comfort.
    • The EXEED VX is equipped with the latest 6th generation intelligent four-wheel drive system from BorgWarner, with millisecond-level response, all-terrain crossing capability, and seven driving modes for any road ahead.

    Highlighted Features

    • Concert hall in it
      The 23 Yang Hall-level 3D surround sound music cockpit features a 1000W high-power amplifier, 23 dedicated speakers, dual-core DSP processor, and newly added exclusive driver's headrest speakers and 3D surround sound advanced audio effects.
    • Super Smooth, Next-Level Experience
      Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chipset with 8TOPS computing power, the central control system has a fast startup time of less than 5 seconds during sleep mode, average voice response time of less than 540ms, switching time of less than 1 second, and reading time of less than 2 seconds. It is equipped with built-in DSP for a super smooth experience.
    • Green Barrier, Guarding Health and Safety
      The interior uses environmentally friendly and healthy materials, with Odor 3.0 technology creating a "zero odor" space. It is equipped with eco-friendly antibacterial+N95 filter elements, AQS air conditioning intelligent ventilation system, and real-time ion purification for the cabin.


    How is the storage space of the EXEED VX?

    The EXEED VX has a large and abundant storage space, with a 92mm oversized cup holder, built-in storage box and cup holders in the second row, electric folding of the third-row seats, and smart electric control operation for the tailgate.

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