The tractor is a specialized vehicle used for towing, pushing, or pulling other vehicles or equipment. It typically has a powerful power system and load-carrying capacity to meet various types of towing requirements.
  • Chassis self weight(kg):9070
  • Towing Weight(kg):49000
  • Drive mode:6×4
  • Wheelbase:3300+1350


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    Functional Features

    • Strong load-bearing capacity: The tractor is designed with a sturdy structure and has a powerful load-bearing capacity. It can carry heavy goods, such as large machinery equipment, construction materials, etc., to meet various transportation needs.
    • Flexible maneuverability: The tractor has excellent maneuverability and can turn and drive in narrow spaces. This makes it suitable for transporting goods in urban traffic congestion, improving transportation efficiency.
    • Reliable safety: The tractor is equipped with advanced braking and suspension systems to ensure safety during the driving process. Its stability and braking performance make operations safer and more reliable, even at high speeds or in emergency situations.
    • Versatility: The tractor can be equipped with different types of trailers, such as flatbed trailers, container trailers, etc., to meet the transportation needs of different goods. Its versatility allows for wide applications in various industries and fields.
    • Efficient transportation capability: The tractor has efficient transportation capability and can quickly transport goods to their destinations. Its high-speed driving ability and stability ensure timely delivery of goods, improving logistics transportation efficiency.

    Application scope

    • Goods transportation: Tractors are widely used in the field of goods transportation. They can be equipped with different types of trailers, such as flatbed trailers, container trailers, tanker trailers, etc., to transport various types of goods, including industrial products, consumer goods, and construction materials. The strong load-bearing capacity and efficient transportation capability of tractors make them essential tools for goods transportation.
    • Agricultural transportation: Tractors are also used in the agricultural sector for the transportation of agricultural products and equipment. They can be equipped with agricultural trailers, such as agricultural flatbed trailers, agricultural tanker trailers, etc., to transport agricultural products, pesticides, agricultural machinery, etc.
    • Construction sites: Tractors are commonly used in construction sites for the transportation of construction materials, such as steel, concrete components, sand, etc. Their strong load-bearing capacity and flexible maneuverability allow them to adapt to the complex roads and space limitations of construction sites.
    • Ports and freight terminals: Tractors play an important role in ports and freight terminals. They are used for loading and unloading containers, transporting them from the docks or freight terminals to their destinations. The gooseneck design and stability of tractors enable efficient handling of container transportation.
    • International trade: Tractors also play a significant role in international trade. They are used for cross-border transportation of goods, transporting them from production sites to ports or logistics centers, as well as transporting imported goods from ports or logistics centers to their destinations.

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