Folding electric bicycle

This electric bicycle adopts a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and a foldable design. The entire bike can be folded and placed in the rear compartment, making it more convenient for transportation. It has a maximum load capacity of 200 kg and is equipped with dual disc brakes, puncture-resistant tires, and a 5-link suspension system, which better meets the needs of commuting.
  • Range30KM
  • Battery capacity10AH
  • CHARGE(10-90%)2H


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    1. Overall dimensions: Length 183 cm, width 63 cm, height 108 cm. The seat height is adjustable, with a ground-to-seat height of 100 cm and a seat cushion length of 27 cm. The rear wheel size is 60 cm. The folding width is 45 cm.
    2. Integrated sealed induction central axis for smooth lubrication and more responsive assistance.
      The integrated sealed waterproof design incorporates a highly sensitive power-assistance sensor that accurately captures torque signals, providing assistance with minimal effort.

    Highlighted Features

    1. Automotive-grade Lithium-ion Battery
      Charging time: 5 hours; Range: 7 days of commuting. Equipped with a battery protection system, it has high energy storage density, low self-discharge, and efficient discharging. The built-in battery design ensures waterproofness and anti-theft capability, allowing for travel on rainy days. BSM 8-fold protection, L1+ lithium battery. The battery is detachable for separate charging, unlocked with a key from the anti-theft lock.
    2. Upgraded 21-speed gear transmission system
      With approximately 325 times the golden gear ratio, it significantly improves gear shifting efficiency. It allows for fast riding even when the battery is depleted. The gear level can be easily adjusted.
    3. Eco Energy Recovery System
      Featuring regenerative charging, it provides longer battery life. When coasting downhill or braking, the Eco regeneration system converts some of the kinetic energy into electrical energy for storage and utilization.
    4. Air Hydraulic Suspension Front Fork
      Using dual oil springs for shock absorption and a lockable front fork, it provides a more comfortable riding experience over rough terrain. With a 26-inch large wheel diameter and 5 cm tire width, it easily handles muddy roads and speed bumps, ensuring excellent grip, higher speed, and less effort.
    5. Four-linkage Strong Suspension Design
      The four-linkage structure (lower frame fork, upper frame fork, suspension linkage, and 650-pound rear oil spring damper) enhances shock absorption and impact resistance, enabling the

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