Geely Galaxy E8

The Geely Galaxy E8 adopts a dual-motor layout with a total horsepower of 646Ps, coupled with lithium iron phosphate batteries from Quzhou Jidian. It has a maximum power of 475kw, a pure electric range of 620km according to CLTC standards, a top speed of 210km/h, and an acceleration of 3.49s from 0 to 100km/h. It is positioned as a mid-to-large-sized vehicle.
  • Range620KM
  • Power (peak)475KW
  • Battery Capacity75.6kWh
  • Vehicle Typesedans
  • CHARGE 30-80%18minutes


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    • The dimensions of the Geely Galaxy E8 are 5010mm in length, 1920mm in width, and 1465mm in height. It has a wheelbase of 2925mm, with front and rear track widths of 1641mm and 1646mm respectively. The vehicle can accommodate 5 people.
    • The Geely Galaxy E8 features the million-level SEA global intelligent electric architecture, with a minimum turning radius of 5.62m, superior braking distance of 35m, and a maximum lateral acceleration of 1.01G.
    • The Geely Galaxy E8 is equipped with a high-performance SIC three-in-one electric drive, achieving a maximum efficiency of 97.86%, the highest power of 475kw in its class, and a maximum torque of 710N·m in its class.

    Highlighted Features

    • S-BOX: Integrated Bidirectional Satellite Communication
      The vehicle supports bidirectional satellite communication, utilizing the BeiDou satellite communication link, without relying on any ground-based communication systems. It provides 24/7 service coverage across all regions.
    • Full Stack 800V Ultra-High Voltage Platform
      The Geely Galaxy E8 achieves a maximum charging power of 360kw, which is more than double the capacity of 400V systems. With just a 5-minute charge, it can provide an additional 180km of driving range. The energy conversion efficiency from 10% to 80% SOC is higher, taking only 18 minutes.
    • Galaxy NOS - Boundless Edition
      The all-new generation in-vehicle system offers an unparalleled, smooth user experience, integrating the most powerful voice assistant, Flyme Link for car connectivity, and interaction with drones. It seamlessly connects the entire ecosystem, allowing you to enjoy the next generation of intelligent cockpit experience.


    What are the unique advantages of the Geely Galaxy E8 in terms of exterior design?

    In terms of exterior design, the Geely Galaxy E8 adopts a completely new family design language, presenting a stylish and avant-garde overall appearance. The front face features the "Ripple of Light" dynamic grille, which is the world's first mass-produced integrated illuminated front face, consisting of 158 illuminated windows. The sharp and aggressive design of the LED headlights on both sides creates a visually impactful impression. The lower section of the front grille, with its smoked black treatment, further enhances the sporty atmosphere of the front face.
    The side profile of the vehicle showcases a youthful and sporty design. The sleek roofline, paired with the low-drag enclosed wheels and hidden door handles, effectively reduces the vehicle's drag coefficient. The overall drag coefficient of the vehicle is only 0.199Cd.
    The rear design exhibits a sense of depth, with a continuous taillight design that is both unique and eye-catching. The internal light cavity of the taillights is equipped with 390 LED beads, resulting in high visibility when illuminated.

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