Geely Haoyue L

Geely Haoyue L is equipped with a Drive-E 2.0TD luxury powertrain, with a maximum power of 160kw and a peak torque of 325N·m, paired with a 7DCT dual-clutch transmission. It can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 7.9 seconds.
  • Engine2.0T
  • Engine Power160KW
  • Engine Torque325N·m
  • Vehicle TypeSUV


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    • Geely Haoyue L has dimensions of 4860×1910×1770mm (length, width, height) and a wheelbase of 2825mm. The front track is 1600mm and the rear track is 1620mm. The car can accommodate 7 people.
    • Geely Haoyue L has independent front and rear suspension, with a rear suspension travel of 200mm. It has flexible steering and a comfortable and dynamically stable chassis, which are attributes of luxury cars.
    • Geely Haoyue L has multiple health and safety protection features, including a D-shaped antibacterial multifunctional steering wheel, active cabin clean air system, vehicle-grade "CN95" high-efficiency composite air conditioning filter element, and AQS air quality management system, providing users with a green and healthy travel experience.

    Highlighted Features

    • Intelligent Connectivity and User-friendly Technology
      Geely Haoyue L is equipped with the Geely Galaxy OS system, which enables cross-domain integration and multi-scenario driving. The system uses the E02 new generation high-performance digital cockpit platform, paired with a 12.3-inch touch-controlled high-definition central screen and a 10.25-inch full LCD dynamic combination instrument panel. It provides the innovative "Three-finger Flying Screen" technology and fully integrates with the Huawei Hi-car mobile phone connectivity system.
    • Seat Comfort
      Geely Haoyue L innovatively adopts the zero-pressure cloud-like seats, featuring luxury-grade 3D diamond stitching craftsmanship and a 15mm high-resilience comfortable sponge. Even during long drives, passengers won't feel tired. In terms of seat functions, Haoyue L has a 6-way electric adjustment + 2-way electric lumbar support adjustment for the driver, and a 4-way electric adjustment for the front passenger. The front seats have ventilation and heating functions with 3 adjustable levels. The driver's seat also has a 2-way memory and welcome function.
    • Superior Safety Performance
      Geely Haoyue L also adopts a high-strength body structure and a multiple airbag system, providing comprehensive collision protection for passengers. The vehicle is also equipped with safety features such as blind-spot monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, and adaptive cruise control, enhancing driving safety and comfort.


    Level Mid-Size SUV
    Energy Type Gasoline
    Sale Time 2023-11-24
    Manufacturer Geely
    Cltc Range [Km]
    Country Of Origin China


    Body Structure 5-Door 7-Seat SUV
    Curb Weight [Kg] 1730
    Length*Width*Height [Mm] 4860*1910*1770
    Wheelbase [Mm] 2825
    Front Tire Specification ● 235/50 R19
    Rear Tire Specification ● 235/50 R19


    Motor Type
    Motor Max Power (Kw)
    Motor Total Torque [N·M]
    Battery Capacity [Kwh]
    Official 0-100Km/H Acceleration [s] 7.9
    Drive Form FF
    Displacement 2.0T 218HP L4
    Max Power (Kw) 160
    Max Torque (Nm) 325
    Max Horsepower (Ps) 218




    How is the interior space of Geely Haoyue L?

    Haoyue L is the only model in its class that comes with independent 7 main seats as standard. All seats can be adjusted independently, providing a "every seat is a main seat" experience. With the flat design of the second and third-row floors, the riding experience is more comfortable. The vehicle can achieve 32 seat combinations, and can be configured as a 7-seater or 5-seater, as well as being transformed into a "bar" or "camping RV", etc. In the 5-seater mode, the trunk space can reach a maximum of 628L, the largest in its class. In the flat mode, it can achieve a flat space of 2360L, accommodating a custom-made 2.2-meter bed, like a mobile home. In addition, Haoyue L's space advantage is also reflected in the third row, with legroom of 886mm, headroom of 964mm, and shoulder room of 1420mm, all the largest in its class. It supports 8 gears of 16° adjustment and is equipped with an independent air conditioning control panel. The air direction and speed can be adjusted in 6 levels, and with the dual-channel entry and exit, getting on and off the vehicle is more convenient.

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