GWM Jingang Poer

GWM Jingang Poer is equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 140kW, a maximum torque of 400N.m, a maximum speed of 170km/h, a NEDC comprehensive fuel consumption as low as 7.9L/100km, and a minimum turning radius of 5.95m. It is positioned as a medium-sized pickup truck.
  • Engine 2.0T
  • Power (peak) 140KW
  • Engine Torque 400N·m
  • Vehicle Type Pickup truck


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    • The length, width and height of GWM Jingang Poer are 5635mm* 1880mm* 1840mm respectively, the wheelbase is 3410mm, and the front and rear wheelbase is 1570mm. The vehicle can carry 5 people.
    • GWM Jingang Poer provides two types of power: diesel and gasoline, two types of drive, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, 6MT/6AT/8AT gearbox, and three types of cargo boxes: standard box, long box, and flat bottom, to meet diverse needs.
    • GWM Jingang Poer is equipped with halogen + lens headlights, halogen + LED rear lights, front fog lights + LED rear fog lights, front fog lights steering auxiliary lighting, high-brightness cargo box lighting, headlights to follow home, full-size tires, Roll cage and other external configurations.

    Highlighted Features

    • Safe and durable
      GWM Jingang Poer adopts a cage body + high-strength large-section ladder frame, which has stronger load-bearing capacity and higher safety. The entire vehicle has undergone 1,728 hours of enhanced corrosion testing and 1,000 hours of salt spray testing, making it durable.
    • Economical and practical
      The GWM Jingang Poer 1.82m flat long box model has no bulges in the cargo box. Square boxes and drums can be placed randomly. The efficiency is increased by 50%. Three transportation trips become two. The more you pull, the more you earn.
    • Smart and easy to use
      GWM Jingang Poer adopts a double suspension design, equipped with a 3.5-inch color screen digital display instrument and a 10.25-inch central control large screen with a resolution of 1920*720, making it more convenient to watch, smoother to operate, rich in entertainment and driving functions, and full of technology.


    What are the security configurations of GWM Jingang Poer?

    It has reversing radar, electronic handbrake + automatic parking, dual airbags for the main and passenger, ABS + EBD, ESP body stability system, TCS traction control, uphill assist, brake assist, collision fuel cutoff, secondary collision mitigation, child seat interface wait.

    What are the advantages of the 8AT transmission equipped with GWM Jingang Poer?

    The ZF 8AT transmission used is one of the top ten transmissions in the world. It has efficient response, smooth shifting, and comfortable driving. It uses high-performance lubricants, is maintenance-free, and is economical and worry-free.

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