GWM Shanhai Cannon

The GWM Shanhai Cannon is equipped with a 3.0T V6 twin-turbocharged engine and a 2.4T diesel engine, paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission. It has a maximum net power of 260 kW and a maximum net torque of 500 N·m. It is positioned as a medium-sized pickup truck.
  • Engine3.0T
  • Engine Power260KW
  • Engine Torque500N·m
  • Vehicle TypePickup truck


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    • The dimensions of the GWM Shanhai Cannon are 5462*1992*1960mm, with a wheelbase of 3350mm. The front and rear track widths are 1635mm. The vehicle can accommodate 5 people.
    • The GWM Shanhai Cannon is equipped with an electromagnetic-controlled BorgWarner TOD intelligent transfer case, with integrated mechanical LOCK structure. It is also equipped with front and rear axle differential locks, allowing users to easily control the action of the "three locks" through the 9 driving modes such as Standard, Snow, Sand, 4L, Rock, and Expert.
    • The GWM Shanhai Cannon comes standard with rear metal bumper, 18-inch off-road AT tires, K-MAN nitrogen shock absorbers, 12500-pound T-MAX winch, wading hose, and other off-road equipment. In addition, the ground clearance of the chassis is raised by 1.5 inches compared to other versions of the Shanhai Cannon, allowing for a maximum wading depth of 900mm and significantly improving its ability to tackle extreme environments.

    Highlighted Features

    • Ultra-High Strength Body:
      The new cage-style body provides higher bending and torsional rigidity, effectively dispersing collision pressure and creating the most secure protection for a worry-free journey.
    • Super Intelligent and User-Friendly Design:
      The entire range is equipped with voice recognition, allowing for continuous reception and execution of multiple commands, freeing up hands and making driving more convenient. By binding to an exclusive account, it provides a more considerate and safer driving experience.
    • Dual 220V Power Supply:
      The cabin and cargo bed are equipped with dual 220V power interfaces. The vehicle is also equipped with wireless charging and USB ports, allowing you to say goodbye to worries about outdoor power supply and enjoy a free lifestyle anytime, anywhere.


    Level Truck
    Energy Type Gasoline+MHEV
    Sale Time 2022-12-30
    Manufacturer GMW
    Cltc Range [Km]
    Country Of Origin China


    Body Structure 4-Door 5-Seat Truck
    Curb Weight [Kg] 2634
    Length*Width*Height [Mm] 5440*1991*1924
    Wheelbase [Mm] 3350
    Front Tire Specification ● 265/55 R19
    Rear Tire Specification ● 265/55 R19


    Motor Type
    Motor Max Power (Kw)
    Motor Total Torque [N·M]
    Battery Capacity [Kwh]
    Official 0-100Km/H Acceleration [s]
    Drive Form Front Four-Wheel Drive
    Displacement 3.0T 354HP V6
    Max Power (Kw) 260
    Max Torque (Nm) 500
    Max Horsepower (Ps) 354




    What driving assistance systems are available in the GWM Shanhai Cannon?

    The GWM Shanhai Cannon offers the HWA High-Speed Navigation Assist (HWA-Highway Assist) driving assistance system, which includes ACC adaptive cruise control, automatic parking, lane-keeping, collision warning, front and rear DVR dashcam, and 360-degree HD surround view functions, providing drivers with comprehensive safety assurance.

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