Haval X Dog

Haval X Dog is equipped with a 1.5T engine, with a maximum speed of 175km/h, WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption of 7.78L/100km, maximum horsepower of 184Ps, maximum power of 135kW, and maximum torque of 275N·m. It is a compact SUV.
  • Engine 1.5T
  • Power (peak) 135KW
  • Engine Torque 275N·m
  • Vehicle Type SUV


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    1. The dimensions of the Haval X Dog are 4520mm1875mm1745mm (lengthwidthheight), with a wheelbase of 2710mm. It can comfortably seat 5 people and offers ample space.
    2. Safety features of the Haval X Dog include multiple airbags, ABS, brake force distribution, brake assist, traction control, vehicle stability system, lane departure warning system, forward collision warning, and tire pressure monitoring.
    3. The Haval X Dog is equipped with front and rear parking radar, 360° panoramic imaging, adaptive cruise control, L2 level assisted driving, lane keeping assist, automatic parking, hill-start assist, and various driving modes.

    Highlighted Features

    1. Leading in Four-wheel Drive
      The Haval X Dog is equipped with a high-power 1.5T engine, 7DCT transmission, and a high-passability chassis. With 5 driving modes, it offers excellent handling and performance on various road conditions.
    2. Safe Driving and Riding
      The Haval X Dog features a high-strength steel body, 6 all-around safety airbags, 360° panoramic imaging, transparent bottom, CN95 air conditioning filter, and remote control cabin cleaning function, providing comprehensive safety protection.
    3. Trendy Cabin
      The Haval X Dog boasts 18 top-level speakers, creating a surround sound experience. It also offers a unique music rhythm seat with KTV functionality, transforming the cabin into a concert hall.


    How is the space of the Haval X Dog?

    The Haval X Dog features a panoramic sunroof for a spacious and open feel. It offers ample seating space, 29 storage compartments, and a maximum luggage capacity of 493L, expandable to 1298L with a flat loading floor.

    What intelligent designs does the Haval X Dog have?

    The Haval X Dog is equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster and a 12.3-inch multimedia touchscreen. It features an L2 intelligent driving assistance system, 50W super wireless charging, and intelligent sensor-controlled rear tailgate, providing a comfortable driving experience.

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