Intelligent dump truck

Intelligent dump trucks, also known as intelligent self-dumping trucks, are specialized vehicles equipped with advanced intelligent control systems. They are specifically designed for transporting and unloading materials such as debris and construction waste. These trucks utilize integrated electronic control units and sensors to achieve automated loading and unloading processes, reducing reliance on manual operation and enhancing precision and safety.
  • Drive form:6×2
  • Fuel type:diesel
  • Tonnage level:medium truck


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    Functional Features

    • Intelligent operation: Intelligent dump trucks utilize advanced control systems to make operation more convenient and precise. Through integrated electronic control units and sensors, automated loading and unloading processes can be achieved, reducing reliance on manual operation and enhancing accuracy and safety.
    • High efficiency: Intelligent dump trucks have a large load capacity and fast unloading speed. They can carry a significant amount of debris and other materials, thereby improving transportation efficiency. Additionally, these trucks have a quick unloading speed, allowing materials to be swiftly delivered to their destination, saving time and improving work efficiency.
    • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: Intelligent dump trucks adopt advanced power systems and energy-saving technologies, resulting in lower energy consumption and emissions. By optimizing engines and implementing intelligent energy management systems, these trucks can efficiently utilize energy, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, and meeting environmental requirements.
    • Safety performance: Intelligent dump trucks are equipped with various safety devices and features to ensure the safety of operators and the surrounding environment. For example, they can be equipped with front and rear reversing radars, blind spot monitoring systems, and collision warning devices, providing comprehensive safety protection. Furthermore, intelligent dump trucks have stable suspension and braking systems, enhancing driving stability and braking effectiveness, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.
    • Data management and remote monitoring: Intelligent dump trucks can be monitored and managed in real-time through data management systems and remote monitoring capabilities. Operators can access real-time data, fault diagnosis, and maintenance reminders through smart terminal devices, thereby improving vehicle management efficiency and maintenance accuracy.

    Application scope

    • Construction projects: Intelligent dump trucks are commonly used for the transportation and unloading of construction debris on construction sites. They efficiently transport construction waste, sand, soil, and other materials to designated locations, reducing the workload of manual handling and improving work efficiency.
    • Mining: Intelligent dump trucks are used for the transportation and unloading of large quantities of mineral resources such as ores, coal, and slag during mining operations. They can swiftly and efficiently transport materials between mining sites and processing plants.
    • Urban development: Intelligent dump trucks play a crucial role in urban development. They are used for material transport in road construction, bridge construction, subway projects, and more. Materials such as asphalt, concrete, and construction waste can be efficiently transported with the high capacity and automated operation of intelligent dump trucks, accelerating the progress of urban development.
    • Environmental protection: Intelligent dump trucks can also be applied in the field of environmental protection. They are used for the transportation and disposal of debris in waste treatment plants and waste processing facilities. Through intelligent control and automated operation, the efficiency of debris disposal can be improved, and the impact on the environment can be reduced.
    • Agricultural sector: Intelligent dump trucks can be utilized in the agricultural sector for tasks such as crop transportation, soil handling, and stacking. They enhance agricultural production efficiency and alleviate labor intensity.

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