Li L8

The Li L8 is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system, offering a CLTC comprehensive range of 1315 km and a pure electric range of 210 km. The Li L8 comes standard with a new four-wheel-drive extended-range electric system, Magic Carpet air suspension, a 7.3.4 panoramic sound system, a front-row four-screen HUD interactive system, and NOA navigation-assisted driving. It belongs to the luxury midsize SUV segment.
  • Pure electric Range 210Km
  • Engine 1.5T
  • Engine Power 330KW
  • Engine Torque 620N
  • Type EREV


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    • The dimensions of the Li L8 are 5080×1995×1800 mm (length x width x height), with a wheelbase of 3005 mm, providing seating for six people.
    • Powertrain: Front five-in-one drive system (130 kW/220 Nm) and rear three-in-one drive system (200 kW/400 Nm). It achieves a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 5.3 seconds.
    • The Li L8 utilizes a ternary lithium battery with a total capacity of 42.8 kWh. It adopts flame-retardant materials and thermal runaway protection technology. The system's peak power is 330 kW, with a maximum torque of 620 Nm.

    Highlighted Features

    • New Four-Wheel Drive Extended-Range Electric System:
      Featuring a new 1.5L four-cylinder range extender with a maximum thermal efficiency of 40.5%, the Li L8 incorporates a front and rear dual-motor intelligent four-wheel-drive system, delivering peak power of 330 kW and peak torque of 620 Nm.
    • Three-Dimensional Spatial Interaction:
      The Li Intelligent Space SS Max is equipped with 3D Time-of-Flight sensors and distributed microphones throughout the vehicle. It combines gesture, voice, and touch control, allowing every family member to enjoy the "superpower" of remote touch and integrated references.
    • 7.3.4 Panoramic Sound System:
      With 21 professional-grade speakers, a maximum amplifier power of 1920 watts, and self-developed sound algorithms, each position becomes the center of the soundscape, providing a Dolby panoramic sound experience.
    • Front-Row Four-Screen Interactive System with HUD:
      Featuring a 13.35-inch large high-definition HUD, a safety driving interactive screen for clear speed and gear display, a vehicle central control screen, and an additional entertainment screen for better full-screen viewing experience in a 16:9 aspect ratio. It also includes a 15.7-inch 3K resolution LCD electric folding screen designed for rear passengers' entertainment.


    Level Full-size SUV
    Energy Type Extended Range Pure Electric
    Sale Time 2022-09-30
    Manufacturer Li Auto Inc
    Cltc Range [Km] 210
    Country Of Origin China
    Body Structure 5-Door 6-Seat SUV
    Curb Weight [Kg] 2480
    Length*Width*Height [Mm] 5080*1995*1800
    Wheelbase [Mm] 3005
    Front Tire Specification 255/50 R20
    Rear Tire Specification 255/50 R20
    Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous
    Motor Max Power (Kw) 330
    Motor Total Torque [N·M] 620
    Battery Capacity [Kwh] 42.8
    Official 0-100Km/H Acceleration [s] 5.5
    Drive Form Dual Motor Four-Wheel Drive


    Battery Type Ternary Lithium Battery
    Battery Brand CATL
    DC Charging Time [Min] 30
    AC Charge Time[H] 6.5
    Power Consumption[Kwh/100Km] 24.2


    Displacement 1.5T
    Max Power (Kw) 113
    Max Torque (Nm) 245
    Max Horsepower (Ps) 154



    How is the navigation system of the Li L8?

    The Li L8 features Navigation-assisted Driving (NOA), which utilizes sub-meter-level high-precision positioning capabilities for autonomous overtaking, speed adjustment, and entering/exiting ramps.

    What is the safety performance of the Li L8 like?

    With a body structure consisting of 75% high-strength steel, the Li L8 ensures comprehensive safety with 12 positions covered by airbags and curtains. It employs dual battery pack protection and a dual protection design consisting of side protective beams and an aluminum alloy enclosure, ensuring the safety of the battery pack.

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