Lynk & Co 01

Lynk & Co 01 is equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 187kW, a maximum torque of 350N.m, an acceleration of 6.8S per 100 kilometers, a maximum speed of 220km/h, and a WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption of 7.74L/100km. It is a compact SUV.
  • Engine  2.0T
  • Power (peak)  187KW
  • Engine Torque  350N·m
  • Vehicle Type   SUV


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    • The length, width and height of Lynk & Co 01 are 4549mm* 1860mm* 1689mm respectively, the wheelbase is 2734mm, the front wheelbase is 1592mm, and the rear wheelbase is 1597mm. The vehicle can carry 5 people.
    • Lynk & Co 01 adopts a modern exterior design, with smooth body lines and a unique front face design. It uses a large air intake grille, sharp headlights, and through-type taillights, which perfectly integrates aesthetics and technology.
    • Lynk & Co 01 has advanced driving hardware such as front and rear parking radars, 360° panoramic images, 180° transparent chassis, multiple ultrasonic radars and millimeter wave radars to improve driving safety and convenience.

    Highlighted Features

    • Surging power
      All Lynk & Co 01 series are equipped with Drive-E 2.0TD T5 engine and 8AT automated manual transmission as standard. They adopt front-wheel drive or front four-wheel drive system, MacPherson type and multi-link independent suspension, and have better performance. controllability and adaptability.
    • Driving and enjoying technology
      Lynk & Co 01 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, more than 600 voice interaction items, standard full-speed adaptive cruise system, L2 driving assistance, lane keeping assistance system, voice recognition system, satellite navigation system, realizing intelligent driving and easing driving fatigue.
    • Five-star guardian
      Lynk & Co 01 follows the Sino-European double five-star safety gene and uses all-round airbags and air curtains. The seats and interiors use antibacterial and antiviral materials. It has multiple passive safety settings and active safety systems to protect the safety of drivers and passengers at all times.


    Is the interior of Lynk & Co 01 good?

    The interior design of Lynk & Co 01 is simple and elegant, using high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship. The seats are comfortable, adjustable, heated and ventilated. There are center armrests in the front and rear rows, and cup holders in the rear row. They are paired with luxurious decorations to create a pleasant driving environment.

    How is the space in Lynk & Co 01?

    As a compact SUV, Lynk & Co 01 has a reasonable layout that greatly improves space utilization. The trunk volume is in the range of 509-1379L, which can accommodate the loading of large luggage and items.

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