MG Cyberster

The MG Cyberster is equipped with a magnet synchronous motor, combined with the ultra-thin cubic battery with a high energy density of 142Wh/kg and advanced zero-emission technology, achieving powerful acceleration of 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds. It has a maximum power of 400KW and maximum torque of 725N·m, positioning itself as an electric sports car.
  • Range 520km
  • Power (peak) 400kW
  • Battery capacity 77kWh
  • Vehicle type Sports Car
  • Charging time (10-80%) 26min


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    • The dimensions of the MG Cyberster are 4535mm in length, 1913mm in width, and 1329mm in height. It has a wheelbase of 2690mm, and the front and rear track widths are 1616mm and 1629mm respectively. The vehicle can accommodate 2 people.
    • The MG Cyberster is the world's first convertible electric sports car, featuring a unique combination of a soft-top convertible and scissor doors. It breaks through and integrates innovative design concepts with the aesthetics of the electric era.
    • The electric soft-top convertible of the MG Cyberster can be easily opened or closed within 10 seconds at speeds below 50km/h. The electric scissor doors not only have eye-catching styling but also have meticulous engineering design considerations. Controlled by a fully automatic intelligent motor, they have a 61° golden opening and closing angle, with a stepless adjustable range from 30° to 76°. This allows for easy and elegant entry and exit from the sports car while maintaining its elegant lines.

    Highlighted Features

    • Enjoy exceptional driving
      The MG Cyberster features a unique direct waterfall grid oil cooling technology, giving it exceptional continuous acceleration capability. It can complete 20 consecutive launch tests and still provide a continuous push-back sensation during mid-to-late-stage acceleration.
    • Comfort and safety combined, endless fun
      The front double-wishbone and rear multi-link independent suspension provide both stability for aggressive driving and comfort for everyday driving. With a super-low center of gravity height of 440mm and a maximum 1.83 five-star industry anti-rollover standard, it enhances handling stability and driving safety. The pure sports car rear-wheel-drive layout, combined with the XDS cornering dynamic control system, gives the vehicle high cornering limits and fun.
    • Impressive experience with high-intelligence systems
      The wrap-around triple-screen setup, combined with the central control screen, achieves four-screen linkage. It is also equipped with the Zebra Intelligent Cockpit System · Cyber OS, which incorporates the world's leading game engine, Unreal Engine, and the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 automotive-grade chip, delivering stunning visual effects.


    Is the interior of the MG Cyberster luxurious?

    The MG Cyberster adopts a C-position wrap-around cockpit design, paired with a flat-bottom sports steering wheel and Y-shaped sports seats. It exudes a pure sports car atmosphere and features delicate suede fabric and exquisite luxury stitching craftsmanship, showcasing luxury and style in every detail.

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