The MG7 sedan is equipped with SAIC Blue Core's third-generation 2.0T high-performance black label engine, and is equipped with the flagship Snapdragon 8155 car-grade chip. It has a maximum horsepower of 261Ps, a maximum power of 192kW, a maximum torque of 405N·m, and is positioned as a mid-size car.
  • Engine2.0T
  • Engine Power192KW
  • Engine Torque405N·m
  • Vehicle TypeSedan


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    • The dimensions of the MG7 are 4884mm/1889mm/1447mm, with a wheelbase of 2778mm. The front and rear track widths are 1601mm and 1600mm respectively. The car can accommodate 5 people.
    • The MG7 is equipped with the flagship version of the Snapdragon 8155 car-grade chip, allowing you to enjoy a super powerful, super intelligent, and super smooth driving experience.
    • The MG7 uses the new SAIC 9-speed automatic transmission, which provides smooth and efficient gear shifting. It is compact, lightweight, and energy efficient. It is also equipped with an E-LSD electronic limited slip differential, which can achieve torque adjustment from 0-100% without gears, improving acceleration performance on complex road surfaces, as well as better traction and steering.
    • The MG7 is equipped with frameless doors with a supercar style. It also comes with the BOSE Centerpoint surround sound system, as well as Centerpoint virtual surround sound technology and EHE engine harmonic enhancement technology, allowing you to enjoy a 3D surround sound experience in the car.

    Highlighted Features

    • Topload Openable Glass Dome
      With a large area of 1.8 square meters, the panoramic glass dome provides an immersive viewing experience. It has a light isolation rate of over 98%, a UV isolation rate of over 99.999%, and a total solar transmittance rate of less than 13%.
    • Comparable to supercars, easy to retract
      It features an adaptive three-stage electric tail wing. When the vehicle speed is ≥100Km/h, the tail wing automatically opens; when the vehicle speed is ≤70Km/h, the tail wing automatically closes. It also supports manual or voice control of the tail wing.
    • X-MODE Super Player Mode
      It allows for seamless switching between X-Sstups, X-Races, and X-Drag, providing an immersive racing mode experience. It also allows for personalized performance configuration adjustments, supporting 150+ customized driving modes.


    How is the trunk space of the MG7?

    The MG7 has a large trunk capacity, capable of accommodating four 20-inch suitcases simultaneously. In addition, its rear seats can be folded in a 4/6 configuration to accommodate more items.

    Does the MG7 support AR augmented reality navigation?

    With luxurious pneumatic massage heated seats, paired with a dual-filter intelligent dual-zone air conditioning system with PM2.5 filtration and monitoring functions, it provides a comprehensive and reliable health and comfort experience.

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