NIO ET5T is equipped with a ternary lithium battery with a maximum capacity of 100kwh and a CLTC pure electric cruising range of 680KM. With a maximum horsepower of 490PS, a maximum power of 360kw, a maximum torque of 700N·m, and an acceleration of 4S per 100 kilometers, it is positioned as a mid-size car.
  • Range 680km
  • Power (peak) 360kW
  • Battery capacity 100kWh
  • Vehicle type Sedans
  • Charging time (10-80%) 0.6hours


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    1. The dimensions of the NIO ET5T are 4790mm in length, 1960mm in width, and 1499mm in height. The front and rear track width are both 1685mm. The vehicle can accommodate up to 5 people.
    2. The NIO ET5T comes standard with the PanoCinema panoramic digital cockpit. The interior features a 10.2-inch fully digital instrument cluster and a 12.8-inch central control screen, which are the same size as the ones in the ET7.
    3. In terms of handling, the NIO ET5T is equipped with front and rear five-link suspension and HRS hydraulic shock absorbers on both axles. This provides a smoother ride, improves comfort, reduces suspension noise, and enhances NVH quality.

    Highlighted Features

    1. Spacious storage space
      The NIO ET5T has a storage space of 450L, with a larger opening for the rear trunk and a storage cover that is flush with the threshold, making it convenient for owners to access items. The floor has two adjustable levels for added flexibility. Additionally, the ET5T is equipped with a scratch-resistant plate at the threshold to further protect the vehicle and luggage. When the rear seats are folded down, the storage space can be expanded to a maximum of 1300L.
    2. Multiple driving modes
      The NIO ET5T offers 5 basic driving modes: Sport+, Sport, Comfort, Eco, and Individual, as well as 4 scene modes: Snow, Trailer, Sand, and Mud.
    3. High safety performance
      The NIO ET5T is equipped with front and rear five-link suspension and HRS hydraulic shock absorbers on both axles, providing a softer ride, improved comfort, reduced suspension noise, and enhanced NVH quality. The chassis balance ensures stability and comfort, while the precise steering system ensures driving pleasure. The brake system responds quickly and provides powerful braking force.


    What is the smart experience of the NIO ET5T like?

    From the perspective of the smart cockpit and smart driving, the NIO ET5T adopts a tower-like sensor layout, integrating hardware such as lidar and cameras into the roof. It is equipped with an advanced driver assistance system, powered by the NVIDIA Drive Orin chip, and equipped with various sensors and cameras to provide intelligent features including automatic parking and remote summoning.

    How is the cost-effectiveness of the NIO ET5T?

    The NIO ET5T has advantages in terms of interior, exterior, performance, and handling, making it a great companion for daily travel. It also offers competitive pricing compared to similar models. If you value space utilization and convenient battery usage, the NIO ET5T would be an ideal choice.

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