Regular engineering dump truck

A conventional engineering dump truck is a special vehicle with a dump mechanism and a large-capacity bucket, used to transport and unload various materials, such as sand, gravel, soil, building materials, etc. It can unload materials quickly by tilting the truck bed without manual operation, improving unloading efficiency and safety.
  • Drive form:6×2
  • Fuel type:diesel
  • Tonnage level:medium truck


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    Functional Features

    • Strong load capacity: The bucket capacity of conventional engineering dump trucks is generally large, capable of carrying a large amount of materials, thereby improving transportation efficiency. At the same time, the bucket design is reasonable, effectively utilizing space and increasing load capacity.
    • Convenient and fast dumping: Conventional engineering dump trucks adopt a dumping mechanism, which can quickly unload materials by tilting the bucket without manual operation, improving unloading efficiency and safety. The design of the dumping mechanism ensures stable and reliable unloading process, reducing material loss.
    • Wide adaptability: Conventional engineering dump trucks can be customized and modified according to different working environments and requirements. For example, they can add high roofs or expand the bucket capacity to meet different engineering requirements. Vehicles can also be adjusted according to different road conditions and working conditions to improve adaptability and flexibility.
    • Simple and convenient operation: The operation of conventional engineering dump trucks is relatively simple. Operators only need to master basic driving and dumping operation skills. In addition, the vehicles are equipped with auxiliary equipment such as rearview mirrors and anti-skid pedals, which improve the convenience and safety of the driver's operation.
    • Low maintenance cost: Conventional engineering dump trucks adopt high-strength and wear-resistant materials and parts, prolonging the service life of the vehicles. At the same time, the maintenance and repair of the vehicles are relatively simple, and some common maintenance projects can be carried out in ordinary repair shops, reducing maintenance costs.

    Application scope

    • Building Construction: Conventional engineering dump trucks are mainly used for material transportation in construction sites, such as sand, cement, bricks, and more.
    • Mining Operations: Conventional engineering dump trucks play a vital role in mining operations. They are used for transporting large quantities of mineral resources, such as ores, coal, slag, from mining areas to processing plants or warehouses.
    • Water Resources Projects: Conventional engineering dump trucks can be used for transporting earth and stone in water resources projects.
    • Urban Development: In the process of urban development, conventional engineering dump trucks are widely used in road construction, bridge construction, subway construction, and other projects. They transport materials such as asphalt, concrete, construction waste, providing material support for urban development.
    • Waste Management: Conventional engineering dump trucks are also used in the waste management industry. They transport containers such as garbage bins and bags, moving waste from collection points to waste treatment facilities or landfills.

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