Roewe i5

Roewe i5 is equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 95kW, a maximum torque of 158N·m, a maximum speed of 185km/h, and a WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption of 5.98L/100km. It is positioned as a compact car.
  • Engine 1.5T
  • Power (peak) 95KW
  • Engine Torque 158N·m
  • Vehicle Type Sedans


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    • The length, width and height of the Roewe i5 are 4676mm* 1838mm* 1498mm, the wheelbase is 2680mm, the front wheelbase is 1544mm, and the rear wheelbase is 1548mm. The vehicle can carry 5 people.
    • Roewe i5 is equipped with 10.25-inch high-definition dual screens, Zebra Venus2.0 car-machine system, new 540° high-definition panoramic images, suspended transparent chassis and integrated driving recorder and other technological and intelligent configurations, allowing you to enjoy technological conveniences.
    • Roewe i5 has spacious head and leg room, rear seat spacing of 860mm, shoulder room of 1415mm, knee room of 54mm, and rear armrest cup holders, achieving a comfortable and convenient travel experience.

    Highlighted Features

    • Cockpit upgrade
      The Roewe i5 seat adopts an ergonomic design and uses a 20mm zero-gravity filling layer to fit the body and provide comfortable support. A large area is covered with sound insulation materials, and the idling noise is as low as 35.7 decibels, creating a theater-like quiet experience. The high-end interior creates a luxurious driving atmosphere.
    • Power upgrade
      Roewe i5 is equipped with a new 1.5L in-cylinder high-pressure direct injection all-aluminum engine, which is lighter, more powerful, faster in response and lower in fuel consumption. Matched with a new 8-speed CVT, power transmission is more efficient and gear shifting is smoother.
    • Security upgrade
      Roewe i5 high-strength cage body, all-round airbags, forward collision warning system, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise, speed assist system, lane keeping, lane departure warning, traffic jam assist, automatic high and low beam switching, etc., all-round protection Driving safety.



    How is the chassis system of Roewe i5?

    Roewe i5 adopts a new optimized chassis, the engine hydraulic suspension damping is increased by 25%, the bump and jitter feeling is reduced by 21%, and the impact feeling over bumps is reduced by 14%. Equipped with a body electronic stability system, an electric power steering system, and an electronic auxiliary braking system, it creates a comfortable driving experience.

    What are the highlights of the Roewe i5’s interior?

    The interior uses light luxury brushed metal panels, which are full of luster. The entire cabin adopts a three-dimensional soft package design, which is skin-friendly and comfortable. Multiple storage and storage design, flexible storage, can be placed anywhere.

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