Roewe RX9

Positioned as a mid-size SUV, the Roewe RX9 features a Blue Core 2.0T high-pressure direct injection turbocharged engine and a newly developed 9-speed automatic transmission. It delivers a maximum horsepower of 242Ps, maximum power of 178kW, and maximum torque of 392N·m.
  • Engine 2.0T
  • Power (peak) 178KW
  • Engine Torque 392N·m
  • Vehicle Type SUV


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    • The dimensions of the Roewe RX9 are 4983mm in length, 1967mm in width, and 1786mm in height. It has a wheelbase of 2915mm and a front and rear track width of 1674mm. It can accommodate 6 people.
    • The Roewe RX9 features a 47-inch panoramic screen with a full LCD instrument panel, a central multimedia touch screen, and a passenger display screen. It is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, enabling the three screens to be linked for driving information, control of in-car devices, and entertainment functions.
    • In terms of driving modes, the Roewe RX9 supports not only economy and sport modes but also snow mode, off-road mode, and AUTO mode, thanks to its intelligent four-wheel drive system.
    • The Roewe RX9 is equipped with the Luoshen intelligent cockpit system and built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip. It also has a 47-inch panoramic screen. The display of vehicle information and operation of functions for the driver will not interfere with the entertainment functions operated by the passenger.

    Highlighted Features

    • Spacious interior
      The Roewe RX9 offers ample space for passengers. The second-row seats can be adjusted forward and backward extensively, allowing for comfortable leg stretching. Even without folding the backrest of the third-row seats, the trunk space is still considerable, with enough room for a 28-inch and a 20-inch suitcase.
    • AI technology integration
      The Roewe RX9 is equipped with Dharma Engine AI semantic functions, including wake-free and four-tone zone recognition, allowing for faster and more precise operation control. The AR-Driving real scene navigation combines navigation information with real scene images displayed on the full LCD instrument panel, providing more intuitive and convenient route guidance.
    • Intelligent safety
      The Roewe RX9 is equipped with lane-keeping, DOW door opening warning, front and rear collision warning, 540-degree panoramic HD imaging, and other driving assistance functions. It has reached Level 2 intelligent driving assistance, effectively enhancing driving safety and providing convenience to the driver while reducing the burden of driving operations.



    How is the comfort of the Roewe RX9?

    The Roewe RX9 has spacious and comfortable seats. The internal padding is soft and just right, with excellent support for the sides and shoulders. The exquisite seat embossing and other details further enhance the high-end feel of the car. The second row offers dual independent seats with materials and padding that match the front seats. It also features 140° seat reclining, seat ventilation, and unique graphene heating massage functions, with a front-to-back movement of 180mm.

    How is the driving experience?

    The Roewe RX9 maintains stability even under high power, without sacrificing stability for power. During a journey on a safe road segment, there was no feeling of shaking, and both the driver and passengers felt very stable. In terms of wind noise, there has been improvement and optimization, providing a better driving experience.

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