Vacuum trucks

A Vacuum trucks is a motor vehicle specifically designed for the cleaning and transportation of feces, sewage, and sludge. It is typically equipped with a highly efficient vacuum pump system that enables fast suction of wastewater and feces, and the safe discharge of these materials into appropriate treatment facilities.
  • Displacement:1.3LL
  • Fuel type:diesel
  • Wheelbase(MM):1550


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    Functional Features

    • Powerful suction and discharge capacity: Vacuum trucks are equipped with efficient vacuum pump systems, capable of quickly sucking up sewage and feces and safely discharging them into appropriate treatment facilities. The strong suction and discharge capacity ensures efficient cleaning and processing processes.
    • Versatility: Vacuum trucks are typically equipped with various attachments and devices, such as suction pipes, spray devices, and dumping devices, to meet different cleaning and transportation needs. They can be used in various scenarios, including cleaning septic tanks, sewage collectors, wastewater treatment plants, etc., demonstrating strong adaptability and flexibility.
    • Efficient operation and management: Vacuum trucks are equipped with advanced control systems and operating interfaces, enabling operators to easily control and manage the suction, discharge, and other functions of the vehicle. This improves operational efficiency and accuracy while reducing the labor intensity of the operators.
    • Safety and environmental friendliness: Vacuum trucks are equipped with advanced spillage prevention and explosion-proof devices, ensuring the safety of the operation process. At the same time, they can safely transport and handle the collected waste, reducing environmental pollution and meeting environmental requirements.
    • Durability and reliability: Vacuum trucks are structurally designed to be sturdy and durable, using high-quality materials and components to withstand long periods of heavy-duty operations. The high-quality manufacturing and strict quality control ensure the reliability and durability of the vehicles.

    Application scope

    • Rural and Agriculture: Vacuum trucks are widely used in rural and agricultural areas for cleaning livestock manure, sewage, and sludge from farms and fields. They effectively clean farmland and farms, maintain environmental hygiene, and reduce environmental pollution.
    • Urban and Town: Vacuum trucks also play an important role in urban and town areas. They are used for cleaning sewage and sludge from urban sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants, public toilets, and other locations. Vacuum trucks maintain cleanliness and hygiene in urban environments, promoting healthy urban development.
    • Industrial and Construction: Vacuum trucks also have applications in industrial and construction sectors. They can be used for cleaning wastewater, sewage, and solid waste generated in industrial premises and construction sites. Vacuum trucks effectively handle these wastes, ensuring environmental safety and hygiene in the industrial and construction sectors.
    • Public Facilities and Events: Vacuum trucks play a crucial role in public facilities and large-scale events. They are used for cleaning garbage, sewage, and sludge from parks, outdoor event venues, sports stadiums, and other locations. The use of Vacuum trucks ensures cleanliness and hygiene in public facilities and event venues.

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