Volkswagen ID.4X

The Volkswagen ID.4X is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a ternary lithium battery, with good sound insulation effect and chassis quality. It has a maximum horsepower of 313Ps, a maximum power of 230kW, a maximum torque of 472N·m, and is positioned as a compact SUV.
  • Range600KM
  • Power (peak)230KW
  • Battery Capacity84.8kWh
  • Vehicle TypeSUV
  • CHARGE 30-80%40minutes


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    • The dimensions of the Volkswagen ID.4X are 4612mm1852mm1640mm in length, width, and height respectively, with a wheelbase of 2765mm. The front and rear track widths are 1587mm and 1566mm respectively, and the vehicle can accommodate 5 people.
    • The exterior design of the Volkswagen ID.4X is stylish and practical, and as an SUV product, it is more reliable in terms of space utility and passability.
    • The Volkswagen ID.4X is equipped with a full steel structure body, and the entire vehicle has more than fifty acoustic optimization measures, which comprehensively improve the user's driving safety coefficient and experience. Combined with a displayed range of 377 miles, it makes the journey more enduring, safer, and more comfortable.
    • The Volkswagen ID.4X is equipped with L2+ assisted driving, capacitive induction leather steering wheel with heating, ARHUD augmented reality head-up display, intelligent rectangular headlights, and other functional configurations. These leading automotive technologies can bring a comfortable high-speed experience.

    Highlighted Features

    • Advanced driving control and extreme comfort
      In terms of driving, unlike the common sluggishness in other new energy vehicles, it has a high level of German driving control, which can effectively avoid the problem of energy recovery dragging sensation.
    • Intelligent urban driving and worry-free parking
      Just remember it once in advance, and it can park for you every time. When approaching common parking spaces, it will take over the vehicle and park automatically, reliably and accurately. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with four 190-degree wide-angle high-definition cameras, giving you a 360-degree view, allowing you to easily navigate narrow roads or park.
    • Panoramic glass roof for enjoying freedom
      With a super large transparent glass roof measuring 1280mm*815mm, it provides a large area of light transmission and brings excellent visual experience. During a self-driving trip, you can simply look up and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


    How is the trunk space of the Volkswagen ID.4X?

    It can accommodate everything, no matter how much equipment you have. The trunk capacity reaches 1546L, providing ample space and meeting all travel needs.

    How is the comfort of the interior of the Volkswagen ID.4X?

    With luxurious pneumatic massage heated seats, paired with a dual-filter intelligent dual-zone air conditioning system with PM2.5 filtration and monitoring functions, it provides a comprehensive and reliable health and comfort experience.

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