Wuling Yangguang

Wuling Yangguang is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor and matched with a lithium iron phosphate battery. It has a maximum power of 60kW, maximum torque of 220N·m, maximum horsepower of 82Ps, and a top speed of 90km/h. It is positioned as a pure electric cargo vehicle.
  • Range 300KM
  • Power (peak) 60 KW
  • Battery capacity 41.9KWH
  • Vehicle Type VAN
  • CHARGE(30-80%) 0.5h


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    • The dimensions of Wuling Yangguang are 4985mm/1800mm/1975mm, with a wheelbase of 3050mm. The front and rear track widths are 1566mm each. It has 5 doors and 2 seats.
    • Wuling Yangguang is equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen LCD, main and co-driver airbags, front and rear power windows, front and rear parking radar, and ABS anti-lock braking system.
    • The entire vehicle adopts a high-strength cage-type body with stronger load-bearing capacity. The roof can withstand a maximum pressure of 6.8 tons, and it is equipped with 12-layer thickened tire cloth tires, the largest size in its class.

    Highlighted Features

    • Large Carrying Capacity
      The cargo box dimensions of Wuling Yangguang are 2830mm1680mm1365mm. It has a maximum payload of 1249kg and a maximum laden weight of 2860kg. Compared to other vehicles in its class, it has a larger capacity and higher practicality.
    • Convenient Loading and Unloading
      It adopts an innovative 270° large split rear door that can be opened from two directions simultaneously. The door threshold height is less than 600mm, making it more convenient for loading and unloading goods and reducing effort when handling heavy objects.
    • Comfortable Driving
      Equipped with a comfortable driver-level cabin, the main and co-driver seats can be adjusted in four directions. The environmentally friendly and pressure-relieving fabric seats ensure a comfortable sitting experience. The design of the door panels and dashboard maximizes the utilization of interior space.



    Does Wuling Yangguang have a long battery life?

    It is equipped with the Wuling Hong 1 battery, which innovatively incorporates the Feiliu super intelligent temperature control system. It has intelligent sensing and precise temperature control. Compared to other new energy commercial vehicles in the same class, it has higher energy replenishment efficiency and longer battery life.

    Is Wuling Yangguang safe?

    It comes standard with ABS+EBD and EPS electric power steering system, which provides finer body dynamic control and enhances driving safety. The high-strength cage-type body, combined with 83% high-strength steel in the frame and 61% high-strength steel in the anti-collision beam, provides comprehensive protection for the driver and cargo.

    What is the appearance design of Wuling Yangguang?

    As for the overall car color, it provides two exterior color options: mountain and sea blue gray and polar white. It uses aluminum powder and pearlescent powder imported from Germany and PPG paint imported from the United States. It is beautiful and scratch-resistant. The front of the car adopts a passenger-oriented design, with a square and tough shape to create a dynamic stance.

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