Xpeng G6

Xpeng G6, the first model with SEPA 2.0 Smart Electric Platform Architecture.The car features an 800V high-voltage SiC (Silicon Carbide) platform, battery pack integration technology, and 3C battery cells. It is equipped with the latest Xmart OS 4.0 intelligent infotainment system and XNGP intelligent driver assistance system. With a 10-minute charge, it can achieve a range of 300km.
  • Range 580-700KM
  • Power(peak) 358KW
  • Battery capacity 87.5KWH
  • Vehicle Type SUV
  • CHARGE 10-80%20minutes


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    1. The dimensions of Xpeng G6 are 4753mm in length, 1920mm in width, and 1650mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2890mm. It also boasts a 60.8% wheelbase-to-length ratio.
    2. Powertrain options include a rear-mounted single motor (218kW/440Nm) and a dual-motor setup (358kW/660Nm), enabling it to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds.
    3. Technological highlights include the second-generation XNGP intelligent driver assistance system (including City NGP), the 800V high-voltage SiC platform, and 3C battery cells.
    4. The G6 offers both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions. The rear-wheel drive version has a maximum power output of 218kW and peak torque of 440Nm, while the all-wheel drive version has a combined power output of 358kW and peak torque of 660Nm. It is available with a 66kWh lithium iron phosphate battery or an 87.5kWh ternary lithium battery. The longest range on the CLTC test cycle is 755km, and it supports 800V ultra-fast charging. With Xpeng's supercharging station, a 10-minute charge can provide a range of 300km.

    Highlighted Features

    1. Advanced electric platform technology:
      Systematic vehicle development with standard 800V architecture.
      SEPA 2.0 platform architecture brings significant improvements in functional support, such as high-speed communication using a central supercomputing domain controller and partitioning the vehicle's control and intelligent platforms to achieve financial-level information security.
    2. Advanced manufacturing technology
      Integrated die-casting. Xpeng G6 adopts the only mass-produced front and rear integrated aluminum die-casting body in China, with 161 integrated components and a maximum die-casting force of up to 12,000 tons. This process significantly improves the torsional stiffness of the vehicle to 41,600 N·m/deg, a 50% increase over traditional vehicle bodies. Additionally, component integration reduces vehicle weight by approximately 17% compared to traditional steel bodies, enhancing the vehicle's range. By increasing the integration, overall precision, and quality of the body, vehicle stability is also improved.
    3. Advanced intelligent driving technology: XNGP without reliance on high-definition maps
      G6 is equipped with Xpeng's self-developed XNGP intelligent driver assistance system, which features dual Orin-X chips from NVIDIA, providing a total computing power of 508 TOPS. The vehicle is equipped with 31 sensors, including two 128-line LiDARs, 12 ultrasonic sensors, five millimeter-wave radars, and 12 cameras. XNGP covers three major driving scenarios: urban, highway, and parking。
    4. Electric drive system:
      Equipped with a third-generation permanent magnet synchronous electric drive system, featuring an 8-layer hairpin winding technology and square-shaped flat wire, achieving an electric motor efficiency of 97.86%.


    Level Mid-Size SUV
    Energy Type Electric
    Sale Time 2023-06-29
    Manufacturer XPeng
    Cltc Range [Km] 580
    Country Of Origin China


    Body Structure 5-Door 5-Seat Suv
    Curb Weight [Kg] 1995
    Length*Width*Height [Mm] 4753*1920*1650
    Wheelbase [Mm] 2890
    Front Tire Specification 235/60 R18
    Rear Tire Specification 235/60 R18


    Motor Type Permanent Magnet Synchronous
    Motor Max Power (Kw)
    Motor Total Torque [N·M] 440
    Battery Capacity [Kwh] 66
    Official 0-100Km/H Acceleration [s] 6.6
    Drive Form RR
    Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
    Battery Brand China Innovation Aviation
    DC Charging Time [Min] 19
    AC Charge Time[H]
    Power Consumption[Kwh/100Km] 13.2



    Does Xpeng G6 support fast charging?

    Yes, it does. With its 800V platform, Xpeng G6 can be fast-charged, and a 10-minute charge can provide a range of 300 kilometers, greatly alleviating range anxiety for electric vehicle owners.

    How is the intelligent driving capability of Xpeng G6?

    With 31 intelligent driving sensors, Xpeng G6 can accurately detect and understand every detail of the road. With a high computing power of 508 TOPS from dual flagship chips, it can rapidly calculate the optimal driving path within milliseconds.

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