Zeekr 007

The Zeekr 007 is equipped with a front and rear single/dual motor layout and uses the ERA Geely brand's ternary lithium battery. It has a maximum power output of 475 kW and a CLTC pure electric range of up to 870 km. It can reach a top speed of 210 km/h. It is positioned as a mid-size car.
  • Range770KM
  • Power (peak)475KW
  • Battery capacity100.01Kwh
  • Vehicle Typesedan
  • CHARGE(10-80%)30minutes


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    • The length, width and height of Zeekr 007 are 4865x1900x1450mm, the wheelbase is 2928mm, and the front and rear wheelbases are 1635mm and 1650mm respectively. The car can carry 5 people.
    • The Zeekr 007 is equipped with a 35.5-inch AR-HUD head-up display system. The large imaging area of 35.5 inches ensures clear visibility in various environments, with more delicate and vibrant colors, whether under intense sunlight, in tunnels, or in rainy or snowy weather.
    • The Zeekr 007 has a self-developed, advanced intelligent driving assistance system. The Jifen self-developed intelligent driving algorithm is equipped with dual Orin X intelligent driving chips, with a computing power of up to 508 TOPS. It is complemented by a long-range LiDAR to enhance perception capability, achieving a balance between hardware redundancy and innovation.

    Highlighted Features

    • 720° comprehensive body safety with stringent standards
      It can withstand a top pressure of 11.56 tons and has an 8x9 anti-collision structure with a central pillar frontal impact test, providing collision energy twice that of US standards.
    • Integrated die-cast aluminum rear body
      The overall vehicle rigidity is greatly improved, reducing body deformation by 16% during rear impact. The advanced technology reduces 84 parts and 820 welding points.
    • Luxurious floating roof
      The connection between the A-pillar and the body is perfectly wrapped inside the front hood. The roof seamlessly extends from the front to the rear of the vehicle, featuring a smooth and luxurious 1.69m-wide nano-plated silver privacy dome, providing a spacious view.


    What unique design does the Zeekr 007 have at the rear?

    The Zeekr 007 features a frog-style tailgate design at the rear, providing a larger opening and higher completeness. It also has a spacious 462L rear trunk capacity.

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