Top10 Best-Dog Friendly SUVs 2024

In many people's lives, dogs and cars are indispensable and important components, and more and more families choose to bring their pet dogs when traveling. When pet owners are on the go, besides worrying about various trivial matters during the trip, their top concern is likely the safety and comfort of their dogs during the journey.

So, what factors do we need to consider when choosing a car suitable for traveling with pets?

Firstly, the vehicle should have strong overall performance. In order to facilitate traveling with pets, the car we choose needs to have a spacious interior space, which is conducive to the dog's activities in the car and also convenient for us to place the necessary items for the dog. Secondly, the car should have good ventilation, and if there is a sunroof, it is even more conducive to air circulation, making it less likely for pets to experience motion sickness. Additionally, it is advisable to choose a car with light-colored interior, as light-colored interiors make pets feel safer and more relaxed compared to dark-colored interiors.

Taking into account the above factors, we recommend the following ten SUVs on the market that are most suitable for traveling with dogs. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

1.Volvo XC60

The Volvo XC60 SUV is a sporty multi-functional vehicle that combines the performance of an off-road vehicle with the personality of a sports car. It is equipped with a globally pioneering safety system, ensuring extremely high safety performance. This car has a large space in the rear seat, enough to accommodate a dog bed and other pet supplies. At the same time, its interior uses silver and wood trim, and the light-colored interior gives dogs a greater sense of security, allowing you to have more peace of mind about your beloved pet.

Volvo XC60

2.Kia EV9

The Kia EV9 is a medium-sized 6-seat electric SUV. Its unique three-row seat design provides both humans and pets with a larger space to move around. It also offers multiple seat modes to greatly facilitate the dog's activities in the rear seats. The spacious double sunroof allows light and fresh air to enter the spacious cabin, keeping you and your beloved pet in a good mood throughout the journey. It also has sufficient power and excellent range, meeting daily travel needs.

Kia EV9

3.BYD Tang DM-i

As a plug-in hybrid mid-sized SUV, the BYD Tang DM-i has obvious advantages in terms of space and range. In terms of fuel consumption and range, the Tang DM-i performs excellently and can fully meet the long-distance travel needs of a family. Together with its spacious and comfortable interior space, there is no crowding or sense of confinement, ensuring both humans and dogs can enjoy a pleasant and comfortable journey. Moreover, there are plenty of storage spaces in the car for placing items.

BYD Tang DM-i

4.Roewe RX5 MAX

The Roewe RX5 MAX is a practical car with a large and robust body. Its length, width, and height are 4647mm, 1891mm, and 1725mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2760mm. With its spacious interior space, the comfort level inside this car can reach A+ level. In addition to the seating space, the abundant storage spaces allow us to carry more items when traveling with dogs, and its panoramic sunroof provides better transparency for us.

Roewe RX5 MAX

5.Hyundai Ioniq 5

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 offers a spacious storage space when the rear seats are folded down, with a total capacity of 1,587 liters. The trunk capacity is 527 liters, providing a comfortable driving environment for you and your dog. With a single charge, this car can travel nearly 300 miles, so you don't have to worry too much about the range during your journey, making family travel more worry-free and convenient.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

6.Hyundai Tucson L PHEV

As a representative of compact SUVs in the automotive industry, the Hyundai Tucson L PHEV offers a spacious interior space that is not inferior to other mid-size SUVs, ensuring a comfortable ride for you and your beloved dog. It is also equipped with the unique Hyundai SmartSense safety system, integrating up to 23 safety/assistance features, intelligently safeguarding the safety of you and your dog. If you enjoy passion and adventure, this car will be the right choice for you and your dog.

7.HiPhi Y

This car has a unique 85-liter large front trunk, coupled with its 692-liter large rear trunk. When the rear seats are folded forward, the maximum depth of the trunk is 1,932mm, which can easily accommodate all the belongings of you and your dog. The HiPhi Y series is equipped with GAC's self-developed real-time damping control system and Continental's CDC continuously variable damping shock absorbers, achieving no head-up during acceleration, no head-dipping during braking, and no body roll during cornering. This allows you and your dog to enjoy excellent handling stability and driving comfort.

HiPhi Y

8.Nissan X-TRAIL e-POWER

The Nissan X-TRAIL e-POWER is a versatile SUV that is very suitable for families and dog owners. Its spacious and comfortable interior layout and large storage space provide a good environment and conditions for you and your dog's travel. In addition, this car also provides pet accessories such as dog protection covers, ensuring the safety of your dog while keeping the interior clean. In summary, this is a highly practical car.


9.Audi Q7

Without a doubt, this is a luxurious and practical car. The Audi Q7 has an extra-long wheelbase of 3000mm and a total length of 5067mm, providing a spacious and luxurious space with seven seats. The rear seats can be folded, and it is equipped with luxurious interior trim and pet accessories such as dog protectors, ensuring both luxury and safety for you and your dog. If you are looking for both practicality and luxury in a car, then this car is definitely the perfect choice for you and your beloved dog.

Audi Q7

10.Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery perfectly combines luxury and comfort for the whole family. The spacious seven-seater space is enough for the entire family to enjoy a perfect journey. At the same time, the powerful off-road performance of the Land Rover series allows us to maintain a calm driving state even in complex and difficult road conditions. In addition, the Land Rover Discovery's powerful and smooth engine allows the whole family, including the dog, to enjoy a smooth and comfortable journey.

Land Rover Discovery