Five of the best electric cars under $30k 2024

Recently, there has been a disruptive development in the Chinese electric vehicle market. BYD, the manufacturer, has launched the Qin PLUS-DMI 2023, with a price range of RMB 79,800 ($11,088) to RMB 145,800 ($21,390). This move has caused other car manufacturers such as Changan, Wuling, and Hyundai to lower their prices, leading to an influx of high-performance and affordable electric cars in the market.

Below, we have compiled a list of five electric cars priced under $30,000, based on factors such as range, performance, design, and price. These cars allow ordinary people to purchase an electric vehicle that meets their satisfaction and offers the best value for money.

1.FAW Toyota bz4X

The price range of the FAW Toyota bz4X is $27,757 to $39,566, with a pure electric range of up to 500km (311 miles). As a mid-size SUV, this model embraces the Beyond Zero brand concept, aiming to provide consumers with a vision of "distinctive freedom." It features Toyota's latest electric technology, the BEV-exclusive platform, equipped with an electric motor that offers a maximum power of 160kw (214hp) and a high-energy-density battery pack, ensuring excellent performance and range. The sleek design of the bz4X sets a trend while maintaining the SUV's commanding presence, making it a worthwhile choice for families.

2.Volkswagen ID.4 CROZZ

The price range of the Volkswagen ID.4 CROZZ is $26,937 to $40,830, with a pure electric range of 600km (373 miles). Based on the MEB electric platform, the ID.4 CROZZ is the first true German intelligent cockpit designed for a pure electric vehicle. It features an 84.8kWh high-capacity battery system, a high energy density of 175Wh/kg, and an efficient BMS energy management system, meeting the demands of urban individuals for a high-quality intelligent electric SUV. With its urban crossover SUV profile, it retains the traditional design of the ID family, equipped with IQ.Light advanced LED matrix headlights, a panoramic glass roof, and 21-inch aluminum wheels. Whether it's a long journey or a daily commute, it offers a relaxed and enjoyable driving experience.

3.Honda Accord PHEV

The price range of the Honda Accord PHEV is $31,375 to $35,960, with a pure electric range of 106km (66 miles). If you are tired of SUVs, the Honda Accord is an excellent choice as a plug-in hybrid mid-size car. The Accord features Honda's fourth-generation i-MMD dual-motor hybrid system, combining electric motor drive technology and a maximum power of 135kw (181hp) from the electric motor. It is equipped with a 2.0L direct-injection Atkinson cycle engine and a new 3-axis vibration sensor, significantly improving the interior's quietness. Driving the Honda Accord PHEV provides a thrilling and imaginative experience.

4.BYD Han DM-I

The price range of the BYD Han DM-I is $23,594 to $40,268, with a pure electric range of 101km (63 miles). Positioned as a mid-to-large-sized car, the Han DM-I is the flagship model of BYD. With its outstanding product quality and cost-effectiveness, it has gained popularity among Chinese and even international consumers. In terms of appearance, it adopts a modern design style, featuring high recognition and a luxurious and elegant look. The recently launched Han DM-I Honor Edition follows the principle of "lower electric cost than gasoline," offering even better value for money.

5.BYD Song L

The price range of the BYD Song L is $26,373 to $34,710, with a pure electric range of 550km (342 miles). As a pure electric mid-size SUV, the Song L has a sporty exterior design, with a prominent chrome trim connecting the headlights, creating a seamless front lighting effect. The interior design includes a wrap-around cockpit, the new BYD Heart system, and a unique interlaced air vent design, showcasing its fashion and youthfulness. If you're looking for a high-value electric car, the Song L is a great choice.

In the Chinese market, the price war among new energy vehicle brands is still ongoing. If you are looking to purchase a car at a discounted price, feel free to contact us. We provide the latest, most comprehensive, and most favorable car prices.