Top 10 Electric Sports Cars: Unleashing Power and Performance

With the gradual enhancement of environmental awareness and the continuous development of new energy technologies, electric vehicles will gradually replace traditional fuel vehicles and become mainstream products. And with the growing demand for cars among young people and considering the preferences of young people, more and more brands have taken advantage of the trend and launched a variety of younger and sportier models.
We have collected fashionable and dynamic models from some mainstream brands on the market for your reference, including SUVs, sedans and other models. Can you share with us which model of which brand is your favorite?

1.Xpeng P7

The car has a comfortable overall ride experience, fast and convenient human-computer interaction, high-quality interior materials, strong acceleration, and full power. Compared with some competitors of the same level, the appearance of this car can be seen to be a bit more fashionable. The overall body streamline is simple and delicate, and it is very impactful when viewed from the side. At the same time, with the modification of the appearance kit, it also gives Increases the recognition of the car.
In terms of overall size, the body size of Xpeng P7 is 4880*1896*1450 mm. The space utilization is very high, the riding and driving experience is comfortable, the interior and central control are stylishly designed, the operation feels smooth, and the functional areas of the interior are clear at a glance. In addition, a variety of gorgeous body and interior colors are available for you to choose from.

Xpeng P7

2.BYD Han DM-i

The overall appearance of BYD Han DM-i is very young, but has a touch of business style. By adjusting the details, the designer has injected a certain sense of freshness into the vehicle. The grille of the new car adopts a new "inverted triangle" style, which is more fashionable and youthful than the previous shape. In addition, while retaining the through-type shape, the taillights of the Han DM-i have been newly designed to present an integrated plane structure, which further highlights the overall sense, and its internal structure is also more refined.
In terms of power, when BYD Han DM-i accelerates rapidly, the engine and motor work together to maintain a gentle and smooth intervention. The power connection process is relatively smooth and will not have a significant impact on ride comfort.
The BYD Han DM-i car can be said to have the advantages of economy, quietness, comfort, environmental protection, luxury and intelligence, while also saving travel costs and eliminating range anxiety. Compared with its competitors at the same level, BYD Han DM-i’s product capabilities are very good.

BYD Han DM-i

3.BWM i3

The exterior design of the BWM i3 is more dynamic, the body is full of wildness, the lines are as smooth and graceful as a swimming fish, the special structural design of the rear of the car is also very elegant, and the overall workmanship can bring a high rate of return.
The interior design style is in line with the current trend. The overall layout of the car is relatively good-looking, the overall operating experience is good, the tilt angle of the center console is also very reasonable, the functional intervals are evenly and reasonably distributed, and the seat design is wide and comfortable. You can have a good experience whether driving or riding.
According to car owners with different personalities, BWM i3 also offers multiple colors to choose from, including carbon black, coastal blue, Melbourne red, etc.

BWM i3

4.Hongqi E-QM5

In terms of appearance design, Hongqi E-QM5 is very individual and avant-garde, suitable for consumers who pursue unique aesthetics. The curved shape of the headlight combination extends all the way to the hood, giving a strong visual impact. The side lines of the car body are straight and tough, and the concave waistline design adds to the three-dimensional effect. The rear end of the car has a full outline, showing the posture of a sports coupe. The taillight combination is also eye-catching and has an avant-garde personality.
The space advantage of Hongqi E-QM5 is very good, and there is quite ample space for both driving and riding. As a model that has attracted much attention from Hongqi's new energy camp, Hongqi E-QM5 still has certain competitiveness in terms of power performance, seating space and endurance performance. Its battery life, seating space and power performance are all at mainstream levels.

Hongqi E-QM5

5.Zeekr 001

Zeekr 001 is a very eye-catching product. It features a luxury hunting coupe and has captured the hearts of many young consumers. In terms of appearance, Zeekr 001 has a unique headlight design, equipped with intelligent LED matrix configuration, and is full of technology. And it can precisely control the light source, giving it the wonderful function of music and light show, adding a sense of fashion and future.
The interior design is relatively exquisite, and its orange-gray Alcantara interior provides passengers with a noble and elegant feeling. In terms of seats, adaptive racing seats provide passengers with ultimate comfort and safety. The uniquely set side wings can be adaptively adjusted to fully meet the driver's individual needs for vehicle performance.

Zeeker 001

6.Deepal SL03

In terms of appearance, Deepal SL03 adopts the design language of "symbiosis aesthetics", which combines the sense of technology and fashion in the appearance of the car body. The front face adopts a closed design and is matched with a split headlight design. The entire front face looks fashionable and recognizable. On the side of the body, Deepal SL03 adopts a new side skirt design, and the body lines are smooth and very dynamic. It also uses brand-new sports wheels and is equipped with frameless doors and hidden door handles. The vehicle design is simple, pure and attractive.
In terms of interior, Deepal SL03 is full of details, exquisite and comfortable. The new car is equipped with technological and comfortable seats, and the driver's seat supports 12-way electric adjustment, combining technology and comfort. It is also equipped with a full LCD instrument panel, a microfiber leather double-spoke multi-function steering wheel and a 14.6-inch rotatable floating central control multimedia display, which is full of technology.

Deepal SL03


The front face shape of NIO ET5 looks like a sports car. The split-shaped headlight combination and the arc-outlined closed air intake grille have a strong visual impact and a full sense of the future, which is in line with the aesthetics of young people. The side adopts a standard coupe posture, sharp waistline, blackened A/B/C pillars, hidden door handles, petal-shaped 19-inch sports wheels, and through-type taillights, all creating a dynamic atmosphere.
The "second living room" design concept has been fully utilized in the interior, with leather wrapping, environmentally friendly materials, a 12.8-inch central control display, and a car system that can provide rich functions such as Internet of Vehicles, OTA upgrades, and in-car navigation. Compared with some models with minimalist interiors, it is more in line with young people's needs for practicality and playability.


8.LI L7

In terms of appearance design, LI L7 still chooses the closed design commonly used in new energy vehicles. The star ring headlights make the entire front face look full of technology and have obvious brand recognition. The body lines of LI L7 are relatively straight and smooth. When the hidden door handle is retracted, the entire side is very simple. At the rear of the car, the LI L7 has a full outline and adopts a through-type taillight design that echoes the front face. The overall style is relatively sporty. In terms of interior, LI L7 continues its consistent minimalist style. The central control area is equipped with a 15.7-inch LCD instrument display and a co-pilot entertainment screen, and there is also a 4.82-inch full LCD instrument display in the middle, giving it a strong sense of technology.


9.Geely Galaxy L7

Geely Galaxy L7 is mainly for home use. The vehicle design continues the square appearance of an SUV, but there are many highlights in details. The front face adopts a closed design, which is refreshing and concise, while the two sides retain youthful sports elements. The headlights are hidden in the split design on both sides of the front of the car, and when lit up with the slender daytime running lights, they show a sense of style. The roof has been blackened and equipped with a slight fastback line, which lowers the visual center of gravity and makes the side look more refined. The taillights have high side recognition.
Its interior design focuses on technology and user experience, and the central control screen integrates vehicle function control and information display. In addition, there is a 16.2-inch passenger screen to provide a better video viewing experience. In terms of space, Geely Galaxy L7 can bring ample space to passengers and drivers, and the trunk size is also relatively large. Overall, the Geely Galaxy L7 is definitely a satisfactory product, both in terms of appearance and interior, showing a sense of fashion and luxury technology. In terms of configuration, the intelligent performance is very outstanding.

Geely Galaxy L7

10.IM LS6

The center grille of the IM LS6 is a closed design, with exaggerated headlights on both sides, and a larger heat dissipation vent under the front of the car. Judging from the front face alone, the design of IM LS6 is more youthful and radical. At the rear of the IM LS6, you can see that it is designed with an upturned "duck tail" and a complex through-type taillight group. The overall shape is full of futuristic technology.
In addition, users can also choose full-width or half-width steering wheels according to their own preferences. The car uses an electronic gear lever mechanism, and the central control area is equipped with a huge air-conditioned seat control screen. The cabin is wrapped in a large amount of genuine leather materials, which makes people feel the high-end luxury as soon as they sit in the car.