Recently, Borderlesscar successfully delivered a 2023 GWM Jingang Poer to a customer in Russia, which signifies the maturity of our business and the gradual opening of the market.

During the transaction, our team played a crucial role. They communicated with the customer in a timely manner, organized the specifications and configurations, ensuring the customer's satisfaction with the vehicle. The customer expressed great fondness for this particular car, and the transaction proceeded smoothly and happily.

In the transportation phase, we handled all the necessary procedures and documentation to ensure the smooth entry of the vehicle into Russia and its delivery to the customer. Russia is one of the largest automotive markets globally, and our successful entry into this market demonstrates the excellence of our products and services.

Upon receiving the vehicle, the customer provided positive feedback, expressing their delight with the car and appreciating the quality of the vehicle and our services.

Our company will continue to enhance our business capabilities and services, striving to become a trusted international trading company.